OCE Server Routing issue

Hi there!

Having a weird issue with my connection and routing to the OCE server. It shows as 170ms+ to the server, however, when i use WARP from cloudflare, it drops to 22ms, which is in the realm of normal for connecting to game servers in AU for me usually.

Was there any information you could provide that I can give to my ISP so they can diagnose and fix the issue?


are you using cloudflare warp + , and switched to proxy mode ?

No, just the regular free WARP does the trick, standard settings.

well u can try change cloudflare warp free version into a proxy connection. I using WARP+via Local Proxy , it might help with the routing not too sure . One thing for sure is Cloudflare Local proxy connection can fix all connection problem disconnecting etc. I dont have any disconnecting problems , and ping problem . The game just crash a lot good luck .

Sorry i think you misunderstood, i was saying that WARP has alleviated the 170ms issue.

My post here was intended to gather information to provide to iinet so that i don’t have to rely on WARP to get a decent connection, just like every other game server i connect to in AU.