Numerous reports of Latency issues in NA Central

A number of us in HC NA/Central were having sudden latency issues, rubberbanding etc. There were at least 3 of us saying so in chat before I logged out for this issue. (They also logged.)

About 2:30 - 3 pm CDT.

Just to be clear: none of us were having problems then suddenly at least 3 random users were all having them at the same time. So that’s not a coincidence.

It could be a shared ISP node in the route to where the servers are but they don’t tell us where that is.
I’m personally in Mexico and I doubt anybody else would be on my tracert (if I even knew where to run it).

I use this site to test latency (and download but those sites are easy to find). My latency is normal, 54 ms average.
But in game my ping bars were suddenly going yellow and red and everything would freeze then resume 1-2 seconds in the future (present).

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