Now with ingame shop

I dont see the problem here at all! MTX are optional and you are missing a very crucial point here OP. A normal game is sold and after a while the development of the game is stopped as well as the support. If they keep on developing this game like they have always intended, then you need money to keep doing this. And if you dont agree with an ingame shop then simply dont buy any MTX, very simple. I am looking forward to it eventhough I am buying supporter packs to, as the name alrdy implies, support EHG.


Complaining about a System you don’t have to use in any way seems a bit…weird to me.
It does not give you any advantages or disadvantages, doesn’t matter if you use it or not.
A Cosmetic Shop in an Semi-Multiplayer Game is completly normal these days and supports the Developers and Company to maintain everything.
Still better than any P2W or P2P stuff.
Not just ARPG have Systems like this. Even MMORPGs, FPS and so on.
Nothing to complain about, or does it hurts you when someone close to you have a little pet besides him lol


Have you never upgraded any of your gear? If you want to see how much the look of your character can change, just look at the new swords and maces added this patch.

As a gamer who started on a brand new Pong console (google it) when I was a child, I’ve always played video games for the games’ sake.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if my character in-game looks like a hobo or a bum instead of some epic, gleaming armor-clad, Excalibur-wielding Demigod. So, I literally could never understand how a company makes even 1 single penny from an MTX shop. Like, I can’t fathom real people actually paying money for cool robes and weapon sparkles.

Maybe that’s just me though…

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I also didn’t mean it as any type of slight or insult. I just meant that I can’t understand it… :slight_smile:

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No worries. I get it :wink:

This is the Feedback and Suggestions forum, not Threats and Demands.

As many have mentioned, the cosmetics have been part of the plan since the very beginning. For a game in Early Access on Steam, it’s normal to find out more information by following the Dev Blog/ Website where all this is discussed in depth. It’s not feasible to fit everything on the Steam Store Page.

The in-game Cosmetics Panel was already incorporated in previous patches as well, and could be accessed with a hotkey.

It’s unfortunate that you feel so strongly about MTX. I just hope you enjoyed your time.

I’m actually hoping the initial cost of the game makes MTX’s more affordable. PoE MTX cost is extreme. It can cost $100 for one MTX outfit.


So you want forced payment vs optional payment? that doesn’t make sense.

I agree with this! POE does have to make money only trough those MTXes and tabs however. LE is a buy product so i really hope they will adjust the prices because of it.
In the end there could be some more expensive ones but it shouldnt be like 80/90% expensive ones like POE has in my opinion.

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Same with me, my POE chars almost Look embarassing but I dont care. Still I dont See a Problem here, Shop is optional, so people einher use or they dont. For some it is an opportunity to Support the game and they get at least something in return.

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The Question is still if the normal loot has some kind of apperance.
The best thing would be if you could also earn the purchasable loot. That’s what came out of a discussion in another round. No go and very questionable would be if you can buy different equipment looks, skills and animals only with real money. Everyone I’ve talked to now prefers to wait for the release and my conclusion. The store doesn’t have to be all bad, but please give everyone the same chance to earn great looking loot.

You are talking about 2 things. I agree that normal loot should look cool. I disagree with MTXs being available for free easily. The whole point is to make your character look different and special. As long as they don’t charge for functionality changes, then it’s fine.

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I have seen games where you can literally equip a “found” item into an “appearance” slot. That item does not function (the real item in the real slot is what functions), but the item in the appearance slot overrides the appearance of the real item.

That is a way to allow “free” MTX, in that, you can choose between in-game item “appearances”.

Then, MTX from the shop offers appearances that are not in-game - the only way to get them is from the shop.

Just putting that out there.


You mean like transmog in D3? I believe the devs said they were looking into that system as well.

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I also recall the devs mentioning transmog… somehow dont think its high on the to do list tho but it is something that they said was being considered.

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I would hope that the appearance slot would allow an item or an MTX to be dropped into it, meaning, the “same” system, not two different ones.

That is exactly the system I hope for.

Well that should be different depending on the price in my opinion.
If i knew i could get something ingame well paying 10 bucks iam not sure if i would buy it in the first place.

In the end we all want this game to be great and improve over time right? Well if so then they need some extra money and iam happy to give that for exchange of looking good.
Its a mixed bag however because i understand your point and half agree with it, if that makes sense. Again it really depends on how some items are priced if you could get it for free ingame aswell in my opinion.