Now with ingame shop


bought the game 4 days before because I hate the appearance real money store from PoE. I wished me a game like Grim Dawn. But what happend after the latest patch, a appearance real money store “template” in “Last EPOCH”, sorry guys but this is HORRIBLE.


This is bordering on fraud, I haven’t read a word on the Steam page about a real money in-game store and am now thinking about how to get my money back.

Why do you ruin your game so early?

The in-game real money shop is only for cosmetics and has been part of the game since the kickstarter… you even get cosmetic points when you buy the game.

The devs have said numerous times that the game will never be pay to win or pay for convienience…

There will be a trading hub for players to trade items but no real money involved.


Money to pay for the development of the game should come from somewhere and cosmetics proved to be a winning business model. I however agree that a paid game should never have MTX.

I hope before final release, LE goes free to play with mtx shop.

But how would they fund new content and servers? This needs a permanent flow of money. That’s what MTX are for


This is a Diablo clone for 30 euros. I wanted to support the developers and bought the game directly from Steam, not from a key seller. One of the best things about ARPG is having great equipment that looks really strong. I can’t support an ingame appearance shop in Last EPOCH unfortunately. There are 2 ways:

  1. Free2Play and ingame Shop like in PoE
  2. Fullprice Game without Ingame Shop like GrimdDawn

The Developer from Last Epoch want both, full price and ingame shop, shame on you!
I hope the developers give me a chance to return the game. Unfortunately, now I have to write to everyone I recommended the game to. Congratulations developers this is now my biggest disappointment in May 2021.

maybe with paid content Updates…

MTX is in such a game the wrong solution …

A point…

LE will be an online game with multiplayer - this costs money and EHG needs revenue beyond the initial cost of the game to keep servers running - this is normal.

PoE uses the same for thier servers.

Grim Dawn is an offline game - the once off payment for the game covers the cost/profit that they need to make… They do not have massive server costs to cover every month…

How would you suggest that EHG funds the online part of the game?


Cosmetics MTX are something acceptable, I’d say.
What I think is really bad is MTX for power items, XP boost, etc.



So if EHG launches new content every month for $10 - would you be ok with that?

How many hours of server time would $10 cover? How long do you want to play each month? How much of that $10 would cover the time it took the developers to make that new content?


this is only a town hub, not an MMO. And a lot of People will play offline not online.
Its like dark souls has an ingame appearance shop. :sweat_smile:
Most of the game is offline/peer2peer but login and message running on a server - for millions of players…
The devs want many for making the game kickstarter, after that EA for 30 Euros and on top an InGame Shop feels like pulling money out of the pockets of fans

ah, depends on the server.
We have for our applications expensive types from aws.
40 $ / month and 0.06 $/GB means
It want to be so much money, best case there are startup founding, then it costs nothing for some times


If you play the game offline and never use the online features then you just have to pay the initial price for the game… You dont need to pay anything more and the devs are not asking you to pay for anything more… You can do this… In fact, you CAN use the online feature for the single price you paid for the game. EHG is not going to ask you for ANY more money…

However, if you WANT to support the game and the costs of providing online features then EHG is providing a way to buy cosmetic items that help them pay to keep the servers online & the developers paid… You are not forced to pay another $ for anything if you dont want to…

ps… Server costs… seriously…


Now I’m curious as to how much data a game like LE/PoE would suck up per player per hour.

This is only for one server - the sum for my solution is round about 500-3000 Euro./month.
But it was enough purchases for years…

So Vapourfire, that is your opinion and I have mine. I find a great part of the game is lost through cosmetics IAP. So much that I can’t support and recommend the game. I have now played 18 hours and the appearance of the character has not changed almost at all, now I know why. This is not about buying a cat as a pet, its like POE witch does not bring diversity in appearance unless you spend money and thus 33% of the ARPG is a pay model…

This post is very disappointing as it gives the impression that the OP did little to no research before purchasing the game and now jumps to conclusions with limited information.

  1. The developers have always intended for the game to have an MTX store to support future development of the game. However, they have also made it clear that they do not intend (or wish) for the MTX store to provide the only means by which to obtain cosmetics. It will simply provide an alternative means for those who wish to continue to support development financially once the game is released. For those who do not, they will have a transmog like feature that can be used with materials obtained directly in game.

  2. If you still wish to refund then contact them via their support page and explain the situation. Whilst I appreciate that you feel frustrated, making public accusations of fraud without having the decency to actually reach out to them via the appropriate dedicated channels is not a good look (and completely discredits your argument).

  3. You may not like it, but many of us find this game to be a breath of fresh air in comparison to other ARPG’s. From my perspective, they have gotten pretty much everything right so far. As such, I am prepared to trust that they will get the cosmetic store right too. They are clearly passionate about making the best game that they can and they also appear to genuinely listen to feedback. If you have concerns, then please raise them in a civil manner and we can all enter into a discussion with the aim of making the game as good as possible.

This is a great game with an exciting future. I hope you choose to stick around to be part of it. Take care and be well.


An ingame shop was in the plan since pre-Kickstarter. What did you think the cosmetic points in your support pack is for?


Imho, you do not understand the game at all and have not read anything the devs have said about how they plan to support it in the future or what features it will be getting.


Sorry, if you feel so strongly about it I think you’d have to look to refund the game but you may be past the window already.

I don’t mind the initial cost + mtx.

Initial cost helps lock out abusive accounts in online play like bot farms. Mtx helps ongoing costs. Though, I wouldn’t mind if the game went down an expansion cost path unfortunately, that’s been shown to be a far less profitable approach compared to mtx since the mid 2000’s.


I will personally pay 500USD for a voice pack that changes the Mage voice to Matt Berry.
Dear EHG: This is a legal contract on my part.


I will happely buy mtxes so they can keep making content.
The only thing i do hope (and i think its a must) is that there will be really cool looks for free aswell since its not a free to play game.

So far EHG is and always have been very clear with their plans etc. I trust they will strike a good balance.
To bad you dislike the game because of the shop. Its your opinion and thats your right.