Not showing on ladder

I hit wave 117 on softcore. Didn’t show up. I waited a bit, the ladder updated, and I still wasn’t there.

Yep same here :wink:

Hi there,

We included a fix for this in a hotfix, but I see that hasn’t helps in your cases. Could you please either level up or complete an Arena wave on a character that’s having this issue, and then post your log file? Thanks!

Hi there !

All my characters seem impacted. I made 2 Arena (one stopped & reward, the other with death).
Here’s is my log : (9.6 KB)

Thanks :wink:

Hi Dagde, I’m having a tough time tracking down the problem. I’ve got a few questions that might seem odd but they might help.

  • Do you see the ladder in game?
  • If yes, does it look like the same people are on top of the in game ladder as the website one?(
  • What league were you playing in? (SC / HC / SC solo / HC solo)
  • What level and arena wave were you at?
  • Have you had any logging in problems recently?

Hey Mike !

Thanks for your message. So :

  • I see the ladder and it seems ok

  • I’m playing only SC atm

  • Honestly i don’t know. I tried to make it fast so probably around 30-45 (on the session of the link). I made a 157 with my pally when i posted.

  • I had issues but it was when we were passing to version 0.7.7 (if i remember correctly). No problem since that moment.

I hope that helps you.

ok, well that’s unfortunate. I was hoping for some other answers to point at specific problems.

This shouldn’t matter but have you made a new character this patch? Also, could you send me one of your character save files that has done some waves? I might be able to find something in there.

I think i didn’t create a new character since the new patch release.

I give you the saves with 2 characters (i’m sure that i’ve done waves with them) : (7.8 KB)

I’ll see what I can do with that. Will take me a while but Pangolin hit 157 and Rahan hit 79

Thanks Mike and good luck then :wink:

Well, I managed to show up on the ladder with your character so at least it’s kinda there. Doesn’t look to be anything wrong with the save file. Do you have any antivirus or firewall software that might be blocking some of the traffic?

Yes it’s possible, i’ll make some tests with them (never had an issue with my setup but maybe it’s a problem here).

@Mike_Weicker It’s not that it matters, but Pangolin seems to be a Mike_Weicker on the ladder :wink:

I just make a little arena (around 35-40 with Rahan) without firewall or Antivirus but i died in a big lag (i made a new exception in avast too for the game).

I’ll see if it changes something.

@Mike_Weicker : Is it possible that the transition to steam is the issue ? (something to check about it ?)

It’s very unlikely that going to steam would cause the problem. I will note that it won’t even try and push up to the ladder unless you get higher than 79 in waves with Rahan or get a levelup.

Ok thanks for your answer ;).

I thought the website version gave an history of your attempts (i mean when you check your account). Thanks for the clarification.

No, it only records you most successful run per character per cycle.

Ok. I just did a 79 waves with my sorcerer (and i didn’t notice anything new) :wink:

Next step is going to be checking our logs to see if the request is being received at all I think.

Thanks to Tunk, it looks like we have a temp workaround possibly. You might have to just make sure to open the ladder before attempting waves.

This has also given me the insight I needed so that I should be able to fix it.

I’m having the same issue since a few arenas, not sure if I have much useful information but in case.
For both characters I’m seeing the same thing in the ingame ladder and on the website.

Did my very first arena with a weak Lich character and she strangely appears in the HC ladder whereas I play softcore.
Did my first “big” arena (201) with my Druid and then appeared in the softcore ladder.
Did 2 higher arenas with that Druid since that (220-ish) and both didn’t make my rank or score change in the ladder.

Hope that can help!