No visual with Ring of Shields

First time running a Forge Guard level 38 (, just got Ring of Shields. When I cast it, I’m shown the minion icon next to my Manifest Armour minion, but there is no ring of shields. Basically all I’m seeing is a brief, small flash - then nothing.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve checked some of the video links from builds and they all show actual shields around the character.

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I’ve had this problem too. I’m assuming it’s a bug, I’ve had wildly different behaviors, although I assume they’re all the result of the same problem. Often I see no shields, but occasionally I’ll see shields flying at the very edges of my screen. Some shields orbiting closer or further away. Lately I’ve had some casts give me shields that seem to appear way above my character in the Z axis.

It’s bizarre. I’m guessing these is some kind of issue with the logic for what distance they orbit at and the times we don’t see them at all, they’re either so wide an orbit or so high in the Z axis that they’re off the screen.

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Thanks, glad it wasn’t just me (not) seeing things. Question is: are they still working?

UPDATE: just got done watching a streamer with a Forge Guard build, Ring of Shields was working as expected.

I’m running a FG with RoS. I have not seen this issue though. It’s likely a bug and you should probably file a bug report. I do know the shields are kind of dark so make sure (you probably have but just to be safe) you’re just missing them.

The issue I’ve seen is actually quite funny. If you have RoS up when you transfer areas, when you arrive in the new area and pop on RoS you get 30. It only last for about 5 seconds but it’s pretty funny to see a little ring of steel around you.

I’ve actually seen the shields a couple of times, but they were near the edges of the screen, not anywhere near me. I do believe they’re working, though, as some of the bosses have killed them during a long fight.

I’m commenting just to say that I too have this problem. Playing Offline, and restarting the game hasn’t fixed it.
I’ve reported it as a bug in-game, hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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Same issue, no visuals on Ring of Shields… but I also don’t think it’s working. Some skills like Shatter seem to work when the effect ends, but I’m not seeing any other interactions with heals or defensive aspects. Playing offline. Have re-logged, switched to different character online, and exited game. No change to bug. Reported bug in-gam as well.