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"No Last Epoch Licence Found" error after 0.8.2 update

Hi, I’ve just updated the game to the latest version and it doesn’t let me log in anymore!

This is the error it shows me, telling me “NO LAST EPOCH LICENCE FOUND”. However, I could play perfectly just hours ago before the patch hit. I’ve looked around and apparently something similar happened with the 0.8b patch.

For the record, I’ve bought this game via Steam but I’m playing it via the standalone client.

I appreciate any help trying to solve this. I will try to contact support via their site, but wanted to put this here just in case others had a similar situation.

UPDATE: I tried installing the Steam client and it actually worked fine so that’s great news :grin:! but I’m still unable to log in via the standalone client :man_shrugging:

UPDATE 2: reinstalling the standalone client doesn’t seem to fix the issue. Already contacted support and they told me they are working on it

Yea I have the same issue. Dunno how about steam, I am downloading there now but LE launcher does not register my licence

I just edited the post adding that the Steam client seems to work fine, so with any luck it also works for you :crossed_fingers:

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Niiice, it would suck not being able to play now that I am hyped from the new update. Thanks!


Your post summarizes the situation perfectly. We are aware of this issue and are actively working on a solution. The interim solution is to, if you have not already, link your account to steam and download the game there.

Please follow this thread for further udpates:

Thank you for posting and keep us informed!


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