No advantage being melee, nerf ranged buff melee

90% of the first 3 pages of arena are about ranged classes.

Why ranged classes tank like me and also hit harder than me?

We need overall buff for melee survivability and more affixes to punish ranged classes.

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ranged vs melee is a complicated subject in all games for balance…seems like an easier solution is to have two leaderboards - one for melee, one for ranged classes

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Melees should tank at least 30% more than a ranged class. Changes like this will make melees closer to ranged in balance.

You have a point. Here, you missed a huge thread about this subject. Bunch of nonsense posts in there but also a few thoughtful ones. As melee, Empowered Monoliths feel like D4's launch-state Nightmare Dungeons (Feedback) - #176 by P3H4

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Yes, but i disagree that feels like D4 launch state, my problem is not mechanically, game seems fine.
My problem is that the monsters capable to hit kill are all melee, i have to deal with them and ranged doenst.

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  • The protective circle of (take less damage from outside the circle) on a lot of rare units should be smaller.
  • 2 Handed Melee Implicits should have “Area damage effect reduction” on them.
  • 1 Handed Melee Implicits should have “Damage over time effect reduction”.
  • Ranged attacks with travel time projectiles should have “snowballing” style effects kinda like the giant fireballs that roll and pummel you if you are distant but deal reduced damage if close. (This would also help with this silly arena strategy of running away from the ranged enemies while leaving aoe effects for them to get hit by while the chase you)

If they just changed these things here, there wouldn’t need to be a reason to directly nerf ranged.