New Unique Suggestion

I’m playing Rogue and would love to see a Melee/Bow mix playstyle.

Examples of uniques

unique gloves : Forbidden Technique
while melee weapon equipped gain x% of global bow attack speed/damage.
while bow weapon equipped gain x% of global melee attack speed/damage.
x% increased melee attack speed/damage
x% increased bow attack speed/damage
x% chance to summon a Ballista on crit for x seconds
Ballista projectiles are now replaced with your known bow skill

unique body armour
while melee weapon equipped gain x% increased armour
while bow weapon equipped gain x% increased dodge
15% increased health
x% chance to summon shadow that repeats your last skill used or specific skill version (when triggered from melee hit, it will use the bow version and vice versa).

The main point is I’d love to see a mix however it be implemented.

keep extra weapon in your inventory and swap as you want.

take the node “Twin Blade” in rogue passives will allow you to equip almost any combination of weapons.

certain skills already automatically adjust depending on weapon equipped.
cinder strike, puncture and flurry, further customization is in Bladedancer passive “Weapons of Choice”.

a mix of melee and ranged is called ‘Throwing’
you get the benefits of a bow or melee weapon with the freedom of it not requiring specifically either of them.

a lot of what you have mentioned is already in passives or certain skills.

even though i would enjoy it for a bit of fun messing around with different builds.
you need to acknowledge that so many people, even the developers will be against merging melee and ranged, because then you dont really have either.

a lot of people will argue that they want some uniqueness, where you actually have limits and not a blender system like PoE.

if you watch the dev streams you will see that the devs even want each skill to be unique, thats why not every skill can convert into any element, e.g. where is element node for puncture.

a blender system basically removes masteries, which brings the game down to 5 classes.
and how long before people will ask for features that merge classes, which brings the game down to 1 class.
after all the changes, you have a game called “Path of Exile”.

I think you missed my point here but let me help clarify.

In a perfect world section: weapon swaps meaning you can swap to any weapon.
Not just 1 hander to 1 hander. I’m talking 2 1 handed daggers to bow and quiver for example and have it be as powerful. ( how this would look for other classes I have no idea but id assume 1 hander and shield to two hander, Wand and Offhand to staff etc )

Even if I had two daggers equipped and swapped to bow and quiver from my inventory most of my passives are allocated to Melee not Bow Attacks.
So if I could have a weapon swap ( not in inventory ) and an allocated tree for said weapon equipped it would be " The Perfect World " in this case specifically for skills that are tagged Melee and Bow.

Melee and Bow attacks are most definitely not throwing attacks. Throwing attacks is throwing attacks scales with throwing attacks and throwing damage not melee or bow.

Weapons of Choice is nice but again I am aiming for Melee to Bow

I am not asking for a Mastery on its own nor am I asking we merge classes. I agree each class/mastery should be unique.
In this suggestion specifically I was suggesting we merge Masteries of the class which in this case is the Melee/Ranged.

More mastery merges = more rogue playstyles = better for longevity

I see no harm in getting a unique that allows someone to play a little bit differently.
Without uniques you play the same character cycle after cycle and everyone would stop playing eventually.

nope, i didnt.

it seems that you dont see that doing what you are asking for, is eliminating the specifics that make each mastery relevant.

I am not asking for a Mastery on its own nor am I asking we merge classes. I agree each class/mastery should be unique.
In this suggestion specifically I was suggesting we merge Masteries of the class which in this case is the Melee/Ranged.

please tell me that you can see that those 2 statements literally contradict each other?

either you master in melee or you master in ranged. there is no ‘Jack of All Trades’.

you need actual statistics on a larger scale than just you to back this up, because anyone can assume a result to justify something.

i could literally say
More mastery merges = less uniqueness = less longevity, over just playing PoE where you have more features.

I think there is room for an additional rogue mastery that is created around the gimmick of a hybrid style, encouraging to switch between ranged/throwing attacks and melee.

Go melee, you get a 5 second buff with 10 second cooldown that improves your melee damage, damage reduction, etc while lowering your ranged performance. Attack ranged/throwing, you get a 5 second buff with 10 second cooldown, that grants ranged/throwing bonus and reduces your melee performance.

While one buff is active, the other can’t be triggered.

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You are comparing me wanting to play as Melee Rouge character with some “ranged” Marksman abilities to POE which is in your terms is a Blender system of classes.

Each Mastery would still be “unique” regardless of me asking for a unique to allow me to merge them, technically it would be more of a conversion but still.

We literally spec into each mastery already. So therefore by your terms no mastery is unique.

I had to Master Marksman to gain access to Detonating arrow and then convert to a Melee attack through the unique Jelkor’s Blast Knife I got 64 points in Rogue, 28 in blade dancer and 21 in falcon. My spells are from 3/4 masteries. How is this any different? Just because I want to use a Ranged ability in the mix?
I 100% fail to see how this is in any way could lead to a Blender style class system POE offers.

Yea sure I don’t have statistics, but I’ve never everrrr heard anyone say I hate POE it has too many build options ( the talent tree is a whole different topic )
What I have heard though is D4 does not have enough Build diversity or the skill tree is lack luster they need to adjust it.

Why do you think Unique Items exist?

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Swapping weapons and having different passives/skills assigned to each just means you have 2 different builds on demand.
Which would lead to, for example, necros swapping to a minion spec, summoning them (because they snapshot) then swapping for a damage spec.
Or having one spec for AoE (bow) and one for ST (daggers).

This is just instant respec/loadouts/armory in disguise.

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already done. Falconer
it mainly specializes in throwing, but has Bow and melee nodes.

which is 50% true, each mastery is only 50% unique already.

making it 0% is 50% less.

to a large degree already, yes. increasing that does not make it better.
2 wrongs do not make a right, even though double negative makes a positive.

to have the chase mechanic in the game.

I am aware that they are not doing weapon swaps. or at least anytime soon. Don’t remember exactly what Mike said. Hence my suggestion of other ideas.

D4 offers two weapon sets and I don’t see many exploits there. Mostly just stat sticks which is also something I don’t exactly want either.

I doubt they will do either.

Hence my reasoning for saying I don’t care how its implemented, whether it be on proc effects or conversions etc I literally just want a way to make my rogue feel like a “hybrid”
I could care less about weapon swaps or extra slots.

IFFF they were implemented Id obviously prefer them to not be exploited like that.

Anything related to instant skills/passives swaps has always been answered with an emphatic “No”.

D4 doesn’t give you 2 specs, though. It doesn’t respec your paragon points or shift around your skill upgrades. At least it didn’t.

If all you want is to swap weapons with no other change in the passive/skill trees, then I’d be ok with that. You can already switch them from inventory anyway. But only if there’s no change to the build itself other than the gear.

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Which im 100% ok with if they don’t implement this sort of mechanic into the game, I wasnt asking for them to add it in any way, was just saying In a perfect world in regards to my “playstyle” it would make sense for my suggestion overall. Which was to get my rouge to use Melee and Bow attacks. But again I don’t care how they do it, Id just like to see it.

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While the falconer has build options in all directions, it doesn’t facilitate/reward a hybrid play style.

Mastery: Duelist

Mastery Skill: Tactical Assessment

Toggles the fighting stance on activation, switching between ranged/throwing and melee. For # seconds after entering a stance, you get the respective positive and negative modifiers. # seconds cooldown.

Ideas for nodes to specialize in:

  • cooldown reduction
  • buff duration
  • healing on toggle
  • triggers smoke bomb on toggle
  • attacks with cinder strike on toggle

And then you give the mastery 3 or 4 other skills that can be used melee/ranged/thrown, depending on your stance (not your weapon).

so you should be suggesting separating the melee and bow versions of generic skills, so you have 2 skills of each instead of how it is now, where they automatically change.
e.g melee hit with your bow equipped or shoot if you have melee weapon equipped.

once you start talking about mastery specific skills following this mechanic, that eliminates the mastery relevance.

Ok, I hate to be this guy but again by your terms Falcon Mastery shouldn’t exist since its a “hybrid”

Playing a Falcon ranged OR melee class not “both” is also onceeee again not what we’re referring to.

Show me your numbers, how do you know its only 50% lmao

I can guarantee you that if there was a poll for build diversity, the for it would be a lot greater than the ones opposed to it.

Why do people want to chase these items?

my suggestion is literally this : Lets pretend there’s a Unique pair of gloves in the game.

Shadow Striker

While you have 1 handed weapons equipped.
converts " Melee damage " to Bow Damage
on Melee Crit you create a shadow clone that FIRES your BOW skill. ( on bar or specialized )

very basic, yet still creates an illusion of having a bow equipped with no wep swap mechanic needed.

A stance is actually a decent idea too. Never thought of that.

you shouldnt be reading what i say in an aggressive way. its not healthy.

more uniques/classes/masteries are coming in the future

I’m not “trying” to be aggressive , Im simply suggesting something and having a conversation with you.

I understand where your coming from but I just don’t agree with you. Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
I assume by the responses you don’t agree with mine.

Is my suggestion good for the game overall? I don’t see how it could hurt but you think it will so maybe I’m missing something. They will either consider this for the future or they wont. I put my 2 cents in, only time will tell.

I’m a hard “hell no” on built-in weapon swapping of any kind. Making it a feature that everyone can use conveniently means game balance has to account for it.

yes, no wep swaps.

Unique to convert x type of damage to x type of damage = wep swap