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New Sentinel skill teaser

In addition to new story content, the next patch, 0.8.3, will bring a slew of skill improvements and reworks. In particular, major changes to the Necromancer skills and new skills for the Sentinel class. Check out the clip below for an early look at one of the new Sentinel skill.


Soooooo, Necro changes, Wraiths perhaps? Sounds like a big patch if you’re adding some/all of chapter 9.

But no smelly Primalist changes. Looks like he’s gonna stay smelly for a while longer :sweat_smile:

We have few surprises for our Primalist players for the next patch :wink:


:o are you converting them to a proper class like a Sentinel? Or is it being removed for the clearly far superior Llama class (with accountant, actuary and auditor as masteries). Even @Mike_Weicker has said, on stream no less, that the Llama class was too awesome.

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Please dont kill off my 200 minion build!

I thought they already agreed to add in the Amish class. Surely that would come first?

Fixed that for you!


No, I got in there first with the Llama class.

You are just jealous of the Primalist being more natural than you. Llama’s are too pacifist for the smelly nature boi.

When do we get moar info?

Slight smile :slight_smile:


It’ll be interesting to see what you do to Wraith to make it not kill the mp servers…

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Hoping for some Tempest Strike love. My crusade to make a melee shaman shan’t be denied. I want to proc all the elemental things in glorious melee.

If it does change to a more manageable size please boost minion reflect damage back to its original ranges

Looks nice!

Is it just me or does the skill have a purplish tint to it?
Maybe a Void Slash of some kind?

a nerf to the EQ build :sweat_smile:. but seriously though, cant wait to see whats in store

Hehe we have changes to the EQ Werebear before the druid reworks :slightly_smiling_face:

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But hopefully not to EQ in general? I like my Beastmaster Aftershock build…