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Hello all, i am thinking to buy the beta acces but i got few questions . I andurstand this game have somekinda competive mode like ladder system. To we get somekinda trading simillar to path of exile or anything like that?
Will beta progression be whiped out before quarter 4 2020 release?
Litle worryed that steam charts show under 100 players playing this game ,should this be worrying?
Or the game is not playable yet on beta and it is somekinda testing or it actually has low poplation?

Multiplayer isn’t in yet, so there’s no trade. They posted a blog about an auction house, though.

People have been playing outside of Steam since 2018. When they bought it to Steam last year, you had to reinstall if you wanted to use Steam, so most people didn’t bother.

Aah so game is still on early stages still? I andurstand release will be 2020 quarter 4 this meens we should see online mode oon on beta? How is the game feeling so far copared poe and d3

You won’t regret buying this at all right now. If you love hack and slash you will love this game. I have played all of them and this one is right up there. It’s a indie studio filled with devs from all around the world who work remotely to make what you see here . Please support them and buy it. I’ve invested over 400 hours so far and am not close to being finished .

Very much so. Though despite there being so much not implemented yet, it is fun.

This is their plan. they are currently somewhere in phase 2 (not implemented the eternity caches or tooltip dps yet). MP & the Rogue class is phase 3.

So u guys really think they can deliver at the end? To get online competible version out whit nice depth on trading ,looting gear and stuff plus competible endgame? I meen if this is what they going for count me in i purchase the support pack,

I don’t know in all honesty. All I can say is that it’s enjoyable now & that it’s still pretty early on (lots of stuff still to add, per the “roadmap”).

Whether or not multiplayer is released is not a concern to me personally; I would encourage you to buy the beta access if you are a fan of RPGs. I am sure the developers will do everything in their power to release the game and perfect its systems before launch. As it stands, Last Epoch is a phenomenal RPG with a vast amount of content available for the price. It is a beta so there are many systems and tweaks to be made or improved, regardless, the value of this game at present is worthwhile in my opinion.

I am mostly looking tfor multyplayer aspect in rpg and somekinda competive ladder or soemthing :slight_smile: . As i andurstand this game should finally get all that whit nice depth and i probably gonna learn the game so long on singleplayer :slight_smile:

I don’t think they can keep all their promises. Simple as that. Some stuff they want to add looks pretty hard to do. Sure they will implement a lot but like other EA titels where you payed for an apple you should not be suprised to get a potato at the end.

I like the game a lot to make this clear ^^. Sure I’m not 100% happy about everything but you can already put a lot of hours into the game and get a lot of fun out of it if you like thou.

Well main thing for me would be multyplayer aspect like online mode,somekinda ladder system and trading aspect whit some deeper crafting/gameplay. I don’t care about pvp there is shooters for it or wow :smiley:

I Disagree, whether it be at release or shortly after, they will deliver everything they said they will do. And i expect alot of extra suprises at the same time. This is a very talented and dedicated team that they have going, there small and already releasing huge portions of content every month in updates, not to mention going above and beyond by in extra things at the same time (such as idols in this last patch)


I am actually getting really exited gonna weit for my nextmonth paycheck to purchase the supporter :slight_smile: if it is good game i would love to support them in theyr doings :slight_smile: maiby even start streaming it :slight_smile:

I got the game for free in a giveaway honestly but for me the game and the community that’s built around it is pretty good and it’s worth playing right now. I got 121 hours currently and still got several builds to make before I have tried out everything ingame available to me right now.

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Yeah, they are doing well at consistenly adding stuff every month. Plus it’s not as though they’re trying to do something that’s never been done before.

but they are. I have yet to battle underwater and not had awkward movement combat. I am excited for this.

Exactly, too many people are belittling the staff and under-appreciating their hard work and talent.

I simply prepare for the worst :D. Sooner or later everything will be there but I think it might be a rather rocky start or another change of the release to start clean. I’m just an optimist with experience :p.

How does the epoch team look for u guys are they actually trying to get game good or just the money? I am still debating if buy the pass here and try to learn the game and give feedback.
Atm looking wolcen it is just wow what effup the game is and they are telling they can only doo 1 hotfix per week . I meen the game is 1 big exploit ,dupe fest not even telling deleted chars and so on.But hey they got theyr 12 million or so from sales.

LE is not Wolcen. Le is worth the investment :slight_smile: