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New Player - Low Frame Rate and HOT Computer Basically Everywhere In-Game

I’m essentially a brand new player. I’m playing as a primalist, and I think I just hit level 5(?). My frame rate is occasionally hitting 60, but is frequently around 15, even standing still in a small, empty portion of the starting levels. For example, simply standing in the council chambers, which I just reached, the game is nearly unplayable. Also, my computer is getting crazy hot and my fan is working really hard. I have manually set the game to use the NVIDIA graphics card in the NVIDIA control panel, as well as selecting the option NVIDIA to favor “maximum performance.” I’m running the game on “very low” graphics settings. Sound stutters along with frame rate.

In short, the game seems to run like potato without any rhyme or reason. (For some reason this does seem to happen with a lot of studios’ Unity games. Like, speaking generally.)

I’d really appreciate any help you can offer as this game seems awesome and I really would like to be able to play it and enjoy the journey with you all.

Diagnostic files:
DxDiag.txt (120.5 KB)
le_graphicsmanager.ini (493 Bytes)

Apparently theres something terribly wrong with the game after latest patch. I cant even launch the game and last time almost crashed my whole PC. I suggest to wait until a fix comes in

Hey… I dont think that your problem is related to the OPs post… I was able to play perfectly fine for at least 3h after the most recent patch so your problem is probably more specific.

I would suggest you create your own thread about the issue posting your game logs etc so that the problem can be traced… Also… usually when patches drop, its recommended that you verify your game files to make 100% sure that there is not a corrupted install - this happens often with Steam when there are a high rate of patches for a game…

Hey… @jukeboxthegengar

Sorry you are having hassles… LE is definitely unoptimised when its comes to performance - there is no argument there - however, there are known issues that have workarounds that usually help people enjoy the game experience - perhaps not with all the eye candy but at least decent enough until the devs can get to optimising the game.

Lets see what I can suggest based on the info you provided:

  1. Very important to verify the game files if you are using Steam - i do this after ever update just in case.

  2. Your windows OS is pretty outdated now… The latest are 19042/3 and yours is on 18362 from April 2019. There are countless updates to your OS and any one of them could be causing general performance issues irrespective of LE.

  3. Your graphics GTX 970M - is not the fastest and its showing its age a little now… I use a 1060 desktop GPU and I get good stable 40-60fps @1080p with every setting on very low or disabled and my GPU doesnt want to blow up… There are busy moments where this will dip into the 30’s late 20’s for a second or two but average rates are closer to 50. Your cardi is about 60-70% slower than a 1060 so I would say that 30-40fps (with drops into the 10-20s) may be “normal” for your system with LEs current beta unoptimised state.

  4. You are using a fairly new graphics driver on an old card and there have been some reports of people having to revert to older driver versions to get some improvements… This is hard to guess if this will work, but if you are willing you could try and roll back a version or two on the driver and see what happens - worst case there is no change. I doubt newer drivers are still improving performance for a 2014 GPU and lets face it, you probably dont need the new features. Personally I am about 5 months behind on my drivers and they work perfectly…

  5. I see from your graphics ini file that you are using very low - recommended for your hardware - but you are not using the framerate limiting (dont use vsync)… If you do not enable framerate limiting, LE will MAX out your GPU to 100% usage - this will cause it to overheat very quickly and makes the game very unstable and succeptable to very big fps spikes… You must enable a framelimit - I would recommend starting at 40fps and monitoring your GPU usage/temp… if they are still too high then drop the fps down by 5fps at a time to see when it gets to a decent level that doesnt make you GPU explode…

  6. With your older hardware with limited resources, I recommend that you do not run any other applications on the system at the same time you are playing LE… Even something that is using 10% GPU will affect LE performance.

  7. At the end of your dxdiag file is a diagnostic section that contains information about errors and crashes on your system… The last epoch ones are there, but there is also a lot of WaasMedicFailure2 messages - these are part of the windows update and usually happen when WIndows Update has become corrupted and cannot fix itself properly… This would explain why your system is so far behind on OS patches… I would recommend you try and run Windows Update and watch what happens and follow any instructions it may give to repair the system… If nothing happens then I would suggest you run System File Checker and hopefully it will help repair whatever is broken … Once thats done, then re-run Windows Update and see what happens… This is an important thing to fix and has nothing to do with LE… so be sure you address this…

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Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll look into this stuff.

In terms of the framerate limiting, I meant to have the frame rate limited. Maybe I did it wrong? Would you mind double-checking the .ini?

And yeah, I realize my lovely laptop is getting on in years at this point. Though I think my expectation is generally that it should still be able to run new games on lower graphics settings. It is crazy the difference that engines can make too. Big, pretty open world games on Unreal usually run much better than, say, Disco Elysium on Unity.

I’ll admit to being a bit afraid of Windows 10 updates after years of major problems with them. (The last major one semi-bricked my laptop and I lost everything on it :rage: . Microsoft: “oops.”) But you make a good point, of course.

Hey there…

Framerate limit… I see it is enabled… no idea why I missed that… Probably just had someone elses ini file open when I was replying to you… :wink:

The 60 would be too high anyway so dropping it down will still apply…

YIp…your laptop is beginning to show its age… no way around that - just not a good time to try and upgrade right now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … You could probably still play Witcher 3 in most of its glory on your laptop but LE & Disco on Unity run like dogs… seems to be the nature of things these days… In LEs favour is the fact that they have not dedicated much effort into dealing with the performance issues yet so there is hope that they will improve things.

Windows 10 update… yip… always tricky ESPECIALLY on laptops… Based on the errors and the old version, I would suggest that it may be worth doing a clean reinstall rather than trying to get the updating to work and then not knowing if it was done properly… I know its a mission, but a backup and clean install may give your system a bit of pep for a while longer… especially if you can shove an ssd into it - I have revived two laptops which I had put out to pasture just with some ssds…

Yeah, for sure. And the SSD is another thing. I’m still running a 7200rpm spinning drive because of where the tradeoffs were at 6 years ago when I built my laptop. My next computer will certainly have an SSD and I know that will help with most games (though I don’t know how much it would impact frame rates, specifically.)

SSD and framerates… none… but holy hell waiting for a map to load in 2 seconds instead of 20-30 makes a HUGE difference to my enjoyment… Even the slowest SSD are a pleasure and the faster NVME ones make you wonder how the hell you ever did without them… I will never go back… the only mechanical harddrives i have left are for backup drives and on a raid NAS hidden in the corner… :wink: