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New player - find build

Hi all,
I’m super new to the game and just recently started to look at a new character. Coming from poe I often play spectral throw or a bow based char, and I love the sound from when mobs dies from freeze/explode dmg.

So I was wondering if anyone point me to something similar based on cold dmg. I have nonide what skills are called which makes it hard to search for builds…

I did find something called chakrams and an other called axe throw, maby that could be something but I have no ide if it works with cold dmg. Any advice is much appreciated!

Best regards

Hey there. Welcome to the forum.

LE is much simpler and easier than PoE. I recommend just picking a class that sounds like its something you may like and going from there. Other than class Mastery (you cannot change this) all other skills & passive choices can be respec’d at minimal cost and XP. You can change anything you like so mistakes are not permanent and you can change your mind whenever you like to try something else with a build.

If you really want to see what kinds of builds you may like then I recommend: & Tunk Labs as great places to find info on the game. And the Community Game Guide - General - Last Epoch Forums here on the forum.

Specifically around builds:


edit: Some older builds may have been nerfed/changed so be sure to stick with builds that are from version 0.8.4/5.

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Hey there,

If I get it correctly you’re searching for a ranged Rogue build with a cold theme?

In terms of build performance I’d point you to a Umbral Blades Bladedancer build.

Umbral Blades is a throwing skill that can be specced into stationary spinning blades that home enemies and has a cold conversion. To expand the cold theme you could also spec into Decoy and convert it into cold damage.

With bot skill you can do the conversion within the skilltrees without the need of specific items. Sadly there’s no other cold themed Rogue skills you can use alongside with this build.

If you’re into bows, you can build around an Detonating Arrow Marksman. The bottom branch is dedicated to cold. There you could also incorporate Umbral blades. But you propably might need an additional 0 mana skill for sustain. Puncture doesn’t have a build in cold conversion but there’s a unique quiver that converts it into cold. Couldn’t find a build guide for this specific build.

Then there’s the “bowmage” Marksman that utilizes the unique bow from the Reign of Winter Boss (its not a too rare dropped item).

If you’re not solely interested in pure ranged builds I’d recommend trying a cold themed Werebear (Primalist - Druid). This build revolves around proccing Entangling Roots (AoE spell) that you can convert into cold. Druid also has a lot cold support in his passive tree.

Then there’s Ashere’s Vinebear build that can be played with everything converted to cold (Vines, Entangling Roots, Summon Spriggan). One of my favourite builds ever.

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Ohh man! Thanks so much for the help and links! I starting to wish I didn’t begin yesterday with my Ice arrow build. I’m trying to build around detonating arrow as you describe, but I wish I had a wider spread of arrows that was cold based. Coming from POE I’m used to combinate support skills for different effects. But with EL you are have the skill three for each skill, which is interesting.
Both the frostbite umbral build and the winebear looks awesome. Guess I could start over with a new char, but leveling to master class was so boring :P.

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With a bow build you can still use Umbral blades. I fits into the rotation.

Like throwing three blades that spin (left branch if the tree). And while they do you fire your detonating arrows.

For mana you use puncture and if you ever find Troaka’s Teeth you have an additional cold themed skill with puncture.

Hopefully with the upcoming changes freeze gets a buff to better scale into lategame.

Btw, I forgot to mention that Hail Of Arrows also has a cold conversion.

Aaand… I found this guide that might help you on your current build:

Ahh ok, so then I could probably respect to umbral if I wanted to and maybe loose the frenzy(??):blush:. Still just level 35 so I haven’t got the Hail of Arrows yet, but I will definitely check that out.
Yeah, I really like the cold build. Nothing is more satisfying than having everything explode in ice !

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