New player feedback

Hi. Just wanted to mention how I am happy in buying this game. I’m still finding my way and a bit overwhelmed by the UI; but nothing to serious. Cheers all!


Hey dude!
Welcome to this Community and this awesome game! :v:

Don’t hesitate to expand your feedback regarding gameplay mechanics and feeling. For example:

  • Skill /Respec System
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Performance
  • Immersion / Story
  • Balance

And if you have any trouble and/or get stuck somewhere, just post it here or on the official discord. There’s always somebody that can help you directly or point you towards the correct direction.

Cheers! :blush:

Welcome to the community! Hope you’re having fun!

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Welcome, and happy holidays :evergreen_tree:


I picked up the game about two weeks ago and I’d like to share my first impression.

Skill / Respec System
I generally like the way the skill system is designed. There are enough skills so that I didn’t feel forced to play a certain skill. The skill-tree allows for even more custumization.

I personally don’t like the skill respec system especially early on. It appears that switching to a new skill that a just unlucked is always a downgrade. This may not be true, but that’s how I felt in the beginning. I’m generally prefer being able to switch skills / passive as quickly as possible and without losing anything for it. However I’m aware a lot of people do not share my opinion on that.

The passive nodes are decent but compared to POE or Wolcen it doesn’t give a lot of options. The buttom-up approach to me isn’t as interesting as having an actuall skill-tree. A very small thing I realised is that when you invest a point into the passive-tree you only have to click once. There is no “apply” button. It would be great to have an “apply”-button.

  • Misclicks wouldn’t matter
  • It would allow us to try different combinations (I’m sure there is gonna be an external tool for that at some point too)

Tool-Tips / Wiki
As someone who has played a couple other ARPGs I usually want to know “what does what”. Some of the things in the game are already explained very well but others are not (yet). Since the game hasn’t been released I’m assuming tool-tips aswell as the ingame wiki is still being worked on. If that is not the case I can give a couple examples.

Animations / Graphics
I don’t have any complaints regarding the graphics of the game. The game looks and feels good and fluid.

The only thing I dislike about the Animations / Graphics is the fact that I have to wait about 10 - 15 seconds whenever I travel from one epoch to another.

I haven’t had any performance issues so far (about 40 hours played). However crashes every couple hours, which is a little annoying.

Story / Immersion
The story in this game to me was pretty much inexistant. I don’t like reading a lot of text when playing games so I pretty much didn’t pay attention to the story at all. There is no voice-acting and almost no cut-scenes. It would be great to have a story including voice-acting and cut-scenes (similar to D3 or Wolcen) but it is definitely not required (as POE has proved…).

Early on it is hard to tell wheather or not the game is balanced. One thing I’ve noticed is that some skill-nodes are pretty much a no-brainer while others seem rather useless.

40 hours into the game I’ve only seen one bug. I couldn’t pickup legendaries / set items. I’m not sure if this has been fixed or not. In general I’m very happy about how few bugs I’ve ran into (considering the last game I tried was Wolcen :wink: ).

There seems to be almost unlimited stash-space, which is awesome!

Loot / Loot-Filter
Having a loot filter in this game is pretty much mandatory. However the current loot-filter isn’t very intuitive. New players might get overwhelmed by all the drops. I would be great to have a couple default loot-filters for new players. For example one loot-filter for each class which at least filters items of other classes aswell as normal items (starting at level 10).

One feature I’d love to have with the way the filter is an option to copy one rule. Right now I have to leave the game, change the xml manualy and reenter the game.

Whenever I pickup crafting materials it automatically picks up the materials within a certain range. It would be great if this feature could be extended to the entire screen.

There are a couple things that can be improved / added. Overall the game looks very promising and I’m very much enjoying the game. I’m also looking forward to playing the game in Multiplayer (any delay is fine as long as it’s working and for the most part bug-free).

Agreed, there is definitely alot of avaialble space, especially very easy early accessable.
But that starts to get less and less, sicne the gold prices gets really high, but that’s actually good, since it’s a gold sink that actually brings alot!

There is just a pretty recent discussion revolving partially around that

I think LE’s loot filter is pretty intuitive and not nearly as daunting as other similar games loot filter.But i can definitely understand new player don’t want to bother with it that much early on.

I hate to make self-promition, but this is exactly what i did, when they did not released something like that officially:

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