New Patch

So when i started logged in for the first time for the new patch it uninstalled everything and then downloaded. Is it supposed to do it this way?

From your description I would suspect that the launcher detected data corruption.

I’ll pass on a request to improve its ability to handle data corruption more surgically.

I can’t seem to launch the game from steam. i get a brief pop up and then nothing.

A screenshot and your log file will help us look into this. Thanks!

My log file is not at that file location, and I cannot upload my screen shot as it is not “(txt, ini, log)”

You can upload the screenshot to a site like and post the link here.

Can you see the location that the file is supposed to be at? If not, you may need to enable hidden files.

output_log.txt (2.2 KB)

Somehow it’s trying to allocation 45GB of memory. Not working as intended.
I would like to try dropping your graphics settings down in the ini file before the game launches, might help it get going. First, let’s start by deleting this file so that it can auto generate a new one. You can move it to another location if you would prefer to keep the graphics settings you have saved just in case.

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\LE_GraphicsManager.ini

If that doesn’t work then you can use this file which is everything set at absolute lowest.
LE_GraphicsManager.ini (2.6 KB)

Just got a chance to try and still getting the same issue. It played fine before this most recent patch. I also had settings pretty much on medium graphics across the board so its weird that its trying to pull so much memory for it.

Yea, this is actually the second time we’ve seen this problem. They were getting it on load in to specific scenes.

Any idea on what I should try next?

Unfortunately, this is a brand new problem for us so we don’t have any established troubleshooting methods.

I’ve got some generic suggestions that have a modest chance of success.

  1. Re-install the game from scratch.
  2. Install the game using the other method instead (steam vs standalone)
  3. Re-install drivers, motherboard, graphics, etc.
  4. Turn off other programs that are running which might cause a conflict. We have had issues with VPN software in the past. Anti-virus programs like Avira and McAfee are a little overzealous when it comes to our game.
  5. Reload windows from scratch. This would be a very last resort and I wouldn’t recommend it just to try and fix this because it’s a lot of work for a very low chance of helping. I only bring it up because this did fix someone else’s system for a different problem that ended up having to do with conflicting software.

We are in the process of changing the way that files are saved/loaded and patched. This change could fix this issue so you might have to wait until then.

I’m also wondering what your general system specs are like. CPU/RAM/Video Card if you know them could help us narrow this down.

I know I’m suggesting a lot of things that could be changed on your computer without much direction. Since we only have 2 reported cases of it, it’s really hard to track it down and we’re mostly in data collection mode hoping something works.

I appreciate all the help. I have cpu - i5 / gpu - AMD R9 Fury / 16GB DDR4 Ram. The one thing I do wonder is I have an SSD and HHD the log files were on my user folder for the SSD but the game installed through steam and steam itself are installed on my HHD.

You’ve got a good system, shouldn’t be having any issues there.

Your theory about the install location might be causing an issue. It really shouldn’t be a problem because I have installed (using our launcher, not steam) various versions of Epoch on my HDD (not HHD) as I have a very similar setup.

When I got some free time I was able to reinstall and it just started working this morning. Thanks for all your help.

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