New Patch resulting in abilities not working

On my lightning Sorc I cannot cast random skill on my bar. Changing keybinds doesnt work. When trying to cast the character just Gyrates trying to cast something. No mana used. Abilities not working include Focus and Nova. They do work on certain binds like W for example. But not on Q or E for example. I cannot get all 4 of my abilities to work in any order or any combination of keybinds at the moment.
Game worked fine before todays patch.

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Same issue for me. Some skills (Warpath) not working on certain keybinds anymore as of patch 0.9i

There is a bug that is causing channeled abilities to not work most of the time in Offline mode. We’ve narrowed down what is causing the problem, but we haven’t quite found a fix yet. We will put out a hotfix once we’ve resolved the issue, as soon as we can.

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Very kind of you guys! Thank you!

I think it involves having 2 channel abilities. I as I can get any 3 to work. but I use focus and nova and cannot get both to work on the bar at the same time. E seems to not work for any channel skill.

Its offline mode. Cannot use 2 channeled abilities on bar. Please fix or revert the patch. Game is unplayable. Same works for all classes using 2 channel abilities. Void Knight Lightning Sorc unplayable.

I’m happy to know that you acknowledged the bug and I hope you’ll fix it as soon as possibile, but I wonder how a game breaking bug like this went into production. :frowning:

We’ve released a client patch to fix this bug. Very sorry about the disruption.

I confirm the fix worked for me, thank you very much!

Oooh… new shiny icons!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful! Thank you for fixing this quickly. Works for me

When I press skill once (not holding it) warpath and shield charge will go until my mana runs out. This is online when its happening. offline seems to be working fine as far as I can see.

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I cant even play online due to random dcs and things like that.
It sounds like the same issue I had with werebear when running I tap the button once and its non responsive until I run out of mana or I hit a wall and it stops me.

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