New on the Last Epoch hype train

Hey guys,
Bought the game today, been hearing a lot about this game. I will be honest I have never played Diablo before but I have played a lot of Path of Exile.

I absolutely love the game Path of Exile and I absolutely hate their crafting system.

So I got quite hyped about Last Epoch when I heard that this game will be more accessible in terms of crafting gears for your own build and also in general the game is not just a RNGfest like PoE.

All that being said, can anyone suggest me a good build to start with? I prefer tanky/ blanched builds and despise glass canons.

Been playing minion builds on PoE for last 2 leagues so I do not want to play minions here as well. I would like to play a spell caster or melee build. Preferably a skill that can go from very low level to end game without the need to re-spec into something new.

Thanks in advance.


The content in LE is forgiving enough and the passives/skill trees are accessible enough that you don’t need to follow a build. Most skills have ways to carry them into endgame, so it will be up to personal preference.
If you wait for release I would advise you to play Warlock, given your stated preferences, since it’s the shiny new toy. If you want to start now, I recommend runemaster since it’s the latest shiny new toy :grin:

If you really want a build guide, you can check Maxroll or lastepochtools.

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Thank you for the suggestions; I will definitely check out the Warlock and the Runemaster classes. I don’t get much time to play every day, so I don’t want to play with skills/builds that will perform miserably at the endgame after I have spent a lot of hours on them. But then again, my fear is more about Path of Exile, where a new player who is not following a build guide has almost a 100% chance of failing at the endgame if they played with their own build. Any particular skill suggestion for the Runemaster class?

You will love the crafting in LE, deep, but not mind exploding confusing.

Many good builds that are tanky have a look here Last Epoch Builds also a good resource for theorycrafting your own build.

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This isn’t PoE, you can make a build around virtually any theme or skill node. Most classes have several levelling builds out there and respeccing skills & passives is fairly cheap in the game. (Just some gold for the passives + 2-3 echoes/maps worth of XP to relevel your skills)

I suggest you try some skills first. They are easy to level during the campaign if you like swapping them out and it’ll give you some idea what direction you want to go. Once you have some idea of skill combo or theme, you can look for more specific advice.

PS: The Game Guide (default ‘G’) has a lot of info and is surprisingly clear and accurate. If you ever wonder about mechanics, check there first, save you the Alt+Tab :wink:

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Hype, Lets goooo

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CHoo CHoooooo!!!

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hype here for years, not decrecent a bit ^^

Here is my bleed warlock build:

Maxroll will also be releasing builds for lauch and id recommend looking at them.

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Good to know that respeccing is cheap!

I have few more queries if someone can help me with:

  • Does LE has standard (dead league) and active league like PoE?
  • Can players trader items with each other?
  • Is there a party system, how many players can join a party?
  • Once we select a mastery/ascendency can we change it?

Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the LE community!

There will be cycles, but the first few ones will not have content difference between them and legacy.

There is a distinction between trading and gifting.
Trading is done via the merchant guild, which is one of the two faction choices.
You should read about that here:

Trading will be available through the bazaar and direct player to player trading but with a lot of restrictions.

Then there is the gifting which can be done with player that you played together with when a item dropped or if you played logn enough together there is a ressources called resonances that you cna use to gift items that the other player was not present, when it dropped.

Up to 4 player parties are possible.

The mastery is the only thing that is not respeccable in LE, everything else is respeccable with eease.

The mastery is more a class choice than anything else. This is the most important decision you have to make, but within each mastery there are plethora of buidls and options available.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all of my questions :smile:. I have some followup questions :sweat_smile:

  • Does the Cycles work similarly to the leagues in PoE, : if I have a level 100 character in current cycle, it will be moved to the legacy cycle when the new cycle starts and I will have to create a new character if I want to play in the new cycle?
  • I read article you mentioned, it was very informative. One sad thing is that we wont be able to sell the items that we buy using trade feature, is it the same when you receive an item as gift? Or is it possible to sell the items that you receive as gift? Or the gift the item your receive as gift to others?
  • Will offline mode players get access to the Circle of Fortune item faction as they are not required to be online for trading with others?

Thanks in advance.

p.s. I am really leaning toward starting the game as a mage character, what is a good mage skill/build that requires lowest APM to play?

I am leaning towards starting as a Mage, all 3 ascendencies of mage looks interesting but to me (I could be wrong) it seems like that Runemaster build requires a lot of button presses. In that case what are the most popular skills/builds for the mage class that requires low APM.

Yes characters will get moved to legacy after a cycle ends. When the new cycle starts you either continue playing legacy characters or create a new one together with the rest of the community.

Again it is very important to differentiate trading and gifting. Gifting has none of the restrictions, none. The only restriction for gifting is: The item either a) dropped together with the person you are gifting to or b) you have resonance with the person that you spend on gifting them the item.

So yes you can buy an item at teh bazaar and then gift that to your friend. However items that were traded (either through bazaar or direct player to player trading) will receive the merchant guild tag and thus the friend you are giftign the item to needs to have the appropiate rank in the merchant guild to use this item.

Both factions are technically avaialble in offline play, however merchant guild does not make sense (unless you want a challenge^^). You can choose Circle of Fortune in offline play of course. Offline play does not disable any gamepaly features or content.

I would say meteor or volcanic orb are good candidates. You use them infrequently (every couple of seconds) and they deal good damage.
However you will use a filler/spammer type ability on almost all builds. But this can be done by holding down a button and you don’t need to repeatedly click the buttom, if that is not that bad for you.

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Are you looking into a low APM or low amount of combo skills?

Because I have had builds that literally only need 1 DPS button (and a move and/or defensive one) and nothing else, but also some very combo-heavy ones.

If we’re sticking to Mage:

  • Sorcerer: Glacier & Meteor are relatively slow builds.
  • Spellblade: Due to the nature of the Mastery, it requires a faster / more combo playstyle. I’ld advise the others first if you want a low button press build.
  • Runemaster: Some Rune combos are possible, but a simple Frost Claw or Runebolt/Glyph build with procced skills (Elemental Nova, Invocation,…) is fairly simple, using a single skill to do multiple things.

As for other classes with low APM / combos:

  • Sentinel: Void Knight Autobomber or a Hammer Throw build (many variations possible) is just a single skill spam.
  • Primalist: Shaman has some over-time skills you can just cast on cooldown, so you’re just running around while the skills do their thing. (Maelstrom, (self-)Tornado, Avalanche for example)
  • Any minion build really, especially Primalist - Beastmaster or Acolyte - Necromancer with Skeletons (regular ones + Mages) will have you mostly running around supporting them, rather than play 5-finger piano.

Most of these are just good available synergies rather than specific builds. e.g. Runemaster’s Frost Claw can be run in any of Fire, Cold or Lightning variation, they are all viable. But if you are looking for a slower playstyle while you learn the game, Cold skills will have the easiest access to slow and freeze effects. Minions being AI would be a close second to it.

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I am looking for build that requires less number of buttons to press for the build to work. I am okay with pressing (spamming) one button constantly and press another 1 or 2 button periodically to get some buffs but don’t want builds that requires you to press 3 or 4 buttons constantly to make the build work.

I really like the sound of the Autobomber that you mentioned, can I play that build from Cycle start to Endgame? How is the single target DPS?

Thanks in advance.

If you are ok with “spamming” one button and only pressing the other 4 skills occasionally, basically 90% of LE build fit this criteria.

Most builds have one spammer/filler and maybe 1 conditional dmg skill for liek AoE or Single Target. Rest usually is movement, utility or defensive, which you only use every couple of seconds at maximum.


If you want a really lazy build, you could go with necro. I’m sure AaronRPG made a lazy necro build where you don’t even need to actually press any buttons.

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My own 1-button necro build:

  • Summon Skeleton - Archers
  • Summon Skeleton Mage - Death Knights
  • Bone Golem - Pure defense, don’t forget the Size & Aura to keep the rest alive
  • Bone Curse - Crimson Enlightment + Acute Infliction (NOT IoP)
  • Rip Blood - max Blood Splatter, especially Minion Attack Speed buff

You basicly run minions as triggers & defensive, as both Rip Blood & Bone Curse scale with your own damage. The double Splatter will cause cascades in packs, and the minions will let you spam Bone Curse on bosses. Tempted to work in Chaos Bolts, but unsure what to drop atm. Tempted to actually drop Bone Golem and go for the Bleed Overload.

Originally built around the Sinathia’s set, but does not require it to work.

I put Transplant on my bars instead of Rip Blood, just in case.


Welcome aboard!

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