New monolith confusion

So after 4 echos I beat a quest echo and I receive no blessings and my monolith level is still 55.
Is there something I am missing here?

Hi Typewillhere, thanks for diving in to the new monolith system. You’ve got a little more depth to explore before finishing your first monolith timeline. Each timeline has multiple quest echoes to be completed before you are presented with a final challenge. After which you will receive a blessing and be able to travel to a new timeline which is higher level.

is there a set number for the amount of quest echoes per timeline or is it random?

It is a set number of quest echoes. The number of echoes required to reach a quest echo is variable though so the total number of echoes to complete a timeline is not set.

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Awesome thanks for clearing that up for me. Time to grind!

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Would be nice if there was a button you could click in the Monolith window, that says something like, “More Monolith Information,” that explains how it works.

Yes, I was very used to the old system, so this new way even left me scratching my head. Rather than having to alt-tab, load up Firefox, surf to the forums, just to find answers. An in-game button for info would be very helpful.

There is an entry in the game guide which you can open by pressing G which explains the general functionality. We will continue to expand the game guide as features are added to the game.


If it’s a set number of quests in a “chain”, could it give the player a quest log entry then? Mentioning how many you’ve done & how many more you have to do?

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G key? First time I’ll be pressing that in the game :shushing_face: Never knew about that. Thank you for pointing that out :+1:


all these Echoes is making my small brain hurt :slight_smile:

i have absolutely no idea what is going on in the new Mono … love the content but i have no idea where i am, how far i have gone and what i have to do to move on to next … a bit like the storyline when i first played game … so i am sure the mud will clear eventually and i will get it

From the sound of it you do monoliths until you get a quest echo then do a few of those & you’ll be able to progress (though I’ve not got that far myself).

It would be nice if you could save progress back to the last echo quest completed. It’s quite a grind to get back to a boss and having zero knowledge of it’s mechanics makes you have to be extremely over leveled to prevail on the first few attempts.


Loads of fun doing under level content, literally just walking through map after map with no regard for safety(because after all I’m lvl 96 right? Doing 22 of these nearly pointless and extremely easy monoliths only to get punked by a lvl 68 boss. Guess what? I don’t want to do it again.


The new monolith system did take some geting used to. I had to cry like a baby in chat before figuring out how it’s done. Just keep running mono’s until the “quest echo” is offered as one of the two maps you can chose from. It’s usually about every 7 maps. After 2 quest runs you will get a third that has an end boss. I’m lvl 100 on a lvl 55 map and modded out and he almost killed me. That necro burst damage was a lil insane. Good Luck.

The new Monolith system is poorly thought out and a huge waste of time. EHG is taking the fun out of the game. Not a good sign for things to come.

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When does this happen? I’m 10 echoes deep and bored out my skill. I basically quit already cause I can’t stand another level 55 bore when I am level 86.

Hey ghost check the other monolith post, they will release the hotfix for experience boost which would make at least some sense of progression

I don’t really care about the XP. If I did I’d play Arena instead were the enemy density is much greater. Did anyone run Monolith for XP? No, sadly the thought of another x hours destroying level 55 content is enough to make me quit. Can’t believe the build up this got for such boring design.

It took me 13 echoes to get to the boss of the first time line