New monolith confusion

It’s not about experience, but at least you get something out of whole running through the content, at least it makes up for the current system in some way

For me it was 30ish or something, 25-30

Damn that sucks. I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

Yeah a checkpoint at the boss would be great

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On one hand I like the new Monolith style. End game stuff is supposed to be a challenge. It’s meant to frustrate you. It’s meant to push your build. On the other hand, dying because you get killed from an enemy that isn’t even on your screen, that you didn’t even know was there, making you lose progression, is BS. THAT needs to be addressed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been killed that way.

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I’m not suer how much that happens. The Siege golem is good for off-screen attacks, but in doing so it drops a massive orange circle where the bad stuff is going to be & gives you plenty of time to walk out of it (and not with 50,000 move speed). Void Rahyeh’s off-screen beam is a bit annoying, but you know he’s there ‘cause you’ve been fightning him for a while before he does it, same with Fromusus’ beam.

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