New Model and Armor Sets for Sentinel coming in 0.8.4

Wow this looks 10x better than the primalist model. The gear looks like a true heavy armor beast love it!! We have Tywinn now Tyrael :laughing:

Wow this is such an improvement over the current one! Well done team! Love that they look like they can actually wear heavy armor and weild heavy weaponry with ease.

One thing: Anyone else think the hands are quite tiny compared to the rest of the proportions?

My sentinel getting some love <3

He looks great. The shave was a nice move, that’s a nice lookin’ head.

Now re-primal the Primalist, give the Rogue the red hair she deserves, bring the Charles Dance slider a liiiiiitle more to the right for the Mage, let the Acolyte’s quarantine haircut grow out, and we’ll be set I think.

the hands and the legs are tiny compared to the rest.

The rest of the model is quite good though

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Im agree with last comment. Legs are weird.

New model is a little bit sexier

Primalist model teaser: Aug 6
8.3 update: Sep 3

Sentinel teaser: Oct 16
8.4 update: Nov 10-ish???

Mike has said previously that 0.8.4 will arrive within their normal patching timeframe. So if we look back at their two previous patch cycles we’ll see that it took 13 weeks 4 days to deliver patch 0.8.2 and 14 weeks 4 days to deliver patch 0.8.3. Using a timeframe of 14 weeks, patch 0.8.4 is likely to arrive around December 10th - give or take a week.

Yessssssss! Yeeeah! That’s the sentinel! Finally he looks like someone who could wear an armour! Awesome! Definitely will try him again after remodel!

Good to see the progress, but I have to agree with some of the previous comments.

The limbs are too short and the ridiculous shoulder pads of the second armor set are basically floating… not very fond of it.


Yeah, the proportions do look a bit, odd.

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I’m gonna be blunt here, sorry if i sound a bit aggressive. The original model, including the floating shoulderpads are so soooooooo bad that this is a significant upgrade over it. But this, quite obviously is not a human body. It simply isn’t. Those thighs, overall leg shape, arm length, size of hands, even the ear position (slightly) are all off and i can’t understand how any art director would approve this. Primalist was also a disappointment for me.

Another disappointment is that we are getting only Sentinel model next patch despite we are clearly told that we are getting all the rest of the classes remodels next patch in the recent roadmap blog. Guess i have to wait 2 months for this, plus 3 months * 3 classes = another 11 months to have mediocre looking models.

I’ll leave any points about appearance to the art team, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that we’re suddenly not updating the other character class models just because they’re not included in this post. We still plan to update the other character models for 0.8.4.


I think if you re-read the roadmap you’ll see that that’s flagged as after 0.8.3 which isn’t the same as in 0.8.4.

The only roadmap I could find was this one, which only mentions the Primalist remodel. Unless I missed something.

Conlan is referencing the latest roadmap we received in the 0.8.4 and Beyond - October 2021 Development Update dev blog:


Which then states this (within the “Continuous Effort to Improve Game Visuals” section):



Following your vids and build guids. You’re doing a good job :point_up::clinking_glasses:

Okay. The new Sentinel model got bald.

Here is the old character model to see differences to the new one.

This is without any equipment in the inventory slots.

I agree with the arm and leg proportions but the ears are not bad in my opinion. If you look at a lot of real people you will notice a very lot of variance in both size and position.

I do also agree with a couple of the comments on the armor. I don’t really like the “floating” shoulder look, make them smaller and make sure the look like their solidly attached.

I don’t like the whole bucket helmet look that completely encloses the head and face personally. I can understand that a couple would be ok considering that actually happened in real-life history and makes sense to some extent, as long as that’s the limit.

Great job on the remodel otherwise, very clean and crisp as well as detailed. I think it looks really great and that you continue to do a great job.