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New Forum Avatars?

Nothing too important but out of interest i wanted to ask if you will provide new forum avatars during the beta? The last topic i read about this was from 2018 i guess. With Rogue there came so much new artwork and also the patches before you released alot of new skills. It would also be cool being able to select one of the sweet lookin mastery images as avatars that people can best identify with their playstyle or main char.
Happy new year!


But then people would be confused when you change your avatar/image. I am always a black hole, sucking the life out of everything. Unless they happen to allow a customer Llama avatar… Though if one person had one, everyone would want one, so I doubt that would happen. :frowning:

I remember using my own (Dobby) avatar when the forum was first put up and was quite disappointed when they removed that function :cry:

It would be nice to have more of a choice as you get used to the avatars people use and can identify them at a glance. I keep mistaking llama’s hole for somebody else…

You have already been immortalized on the forum with your 2h Rogue so psssst! What else do you want next? A buff to Sigils of Hope? That would be ridiculous.

Haven’t been around for that long so i didnt know that was possible.

That’s what she s…ah forget it :wink:

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I’d be happy to add some more at some point. If you (or others) post the name of the skill, or perhaps the name of the NPC, I could make sure the relevant art is an option. While I’m doing it I’ll try to remember to upload a portrait for each of the base classes.


I’d settle for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well i probably have to go with the ‘‘Arrow of the Trickster’’ node icon from Dark Quiver Skilltree. :slight_smile:
But since i will go Marksman as my main, i would appreciate some Bow theme artwork like Multishot or Ballista Icon. The Marksman Mastery Icon would be my favorite! Something like @Trasochi has (yes im jealous) with an option to recolour…that would be amazing but i guess thats too much to ask for and complicated to implement.

Speaking about NPC’s…please change Llama’s avatar permantly to this, i think it fits perfectly to him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I mean. I kinda see it.


:rofl: im dying. Photoshop lvl 100

What even is that?

Wtf… can’t stop laughing! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I remember using the wolf avatar when the forum started. I mean the pet wolf alone, like the bear one, but wolf, and then that specific avatar disappeared when there was some forum update, and I had to use this one that is the closest to a wolf xD

+1 for adding new ones.

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