New Enemies & Models | Coming in Rising Flames

Hello Travelers, and welcome back to the Pre-Patch Hype Week Blog Posts - Weekend Edition!

For today’s post, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the new enemies and models you’ll be encountering in Beta Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames.


Quill Hog

The first one up is a very colorful fellow which you may have spotted during the Reaper Form post. The Quill Hog is a new enemy which will be encountered as early as the first chapter of the game. Like many things in nature, bright colors may look pretty, but more often than not indicate danger. That is certainly the case with the Quill Hog, which is able to use its quills as both tools for burrowing and as projectiles.


The next new enemy we’re taking a look at is the new Bolroth. This large and lumbering creature sports some very odd adornments. The coral-like structures contain a sickly-sweet substance attracting small prey, which then become entangled and pulled down into digestive fluids deeper within the structure to be consumed by the Bolroth.

Rahyeh Soldier

Rahyeh’s forces are also getting a facelift in 0.9.1. Today we’re showing one of his common foot soldiers. A zealous servant of Rahyeh, this soldier is more than happy to meet blades with you.

Vine Crawler

The flora inhabiting Eterra has also grown more deadly in the Rising Flames with our last new enemy we’re showing off for today. Most often found in heavily vegetated areas, with sharp thorns and a temperament to match, the Vine Crawler is one plant with 6 foot deep roots.

New Models

Alongside new enemies, some other models are getting visual updates bringing these models up to our current standards in preparation of our 1.0 release. Starting off for all the Primalists out here, we present to you the new Primal Wolf and Primal Bear companions! These new models feature adornments and armor helping them stand out as companions, alongside new animations to give them more personality. Who’s a good doggo? All Primal Wolves are good doggos!

Primal Wolf

Primal Bear

Unique Item Models

We are very pleased to announce, that as of the release of Patch 0.9.1 Rising flames: every unique Weapon in Last Epoch now has its own 3D Model! We want to share a few of these with you today, and hope you enjoy the beauty of these new models for uniques we’ve been familiar with for so much time without them.

Storm Breaker


Soul Bastion

A day of Rest

That’s all for today’s look at new Enemies and Models coming in Patch 0.9.1 Rising Flames. We’ll be returning with the Pre-Patch Hype Week Post on Monday and look forward to seeing you all there as we release with our final, and biggest Blog Post for 0.9.1 Rising Flames, coming May 25th!


Is there still going to be a hype post on towns? ;o


Any plan to update visual models of characters like Primalist or Sentinel?


Love the new look for the bear, but the dog, I mean wolf, not so much. It now just looks like a patchy dog.

I do love the new 3D art for the gear shown here though, they’re awesome!


So happy to see the new models for wolves, bears, and uniques. I remember these being teased long ago, and I’ve kept wondering when we’d finally see them implemented. IGreat job!

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Ok that’s wild. I really love the companion models, but on top of that, having all weapons have their 3D models is something even PoE didn’t manage to do. Let’s hope you’ll be able to keep proposing that with the incomings new uniques weapons.

On top of that, especially with the MTX coming this patch, it shows good faith. I don’t feel like MTX are mandatory to look cool.

So, in one word, bravo !


Was hoping for a image hyping Lethal Concentration’s model

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Loving these updates but, the primal wolf and the primal bear don’t look good. When you zoom in on the wolf it looks half-blindish and odd with the tongue hanging out. Not fierce or wild at all. The bear looks like it’s exhausted. Like it cannot set another step before passing out.


There is no model for lethal concentration

Call me old fashioned but I really love when I can recognize the uniques other players have equipped with one quick look at their characters. I really miss that in other modern ARPGs.

The fact that we get a look for EVERY unique is just fantastic! And that green bow… Such a nice model! Great job as always and looking forward to see every single one in the game myself.


Yeah, I was thinking something similar.

But there will be a unique one for 0.9.1. Which is what he wanted to see.

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I was making a “joke”, because of the bug where sometime lethal concentration has no model, or is disjoint from the primalist hands
Edit : not the best one I agree


Does unique armors (head, chest, boots) have a matching 3D model?

nice +1

the bear looks awesome to me

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Omg yes it looks so cool love it

Now that Soul Bastion looks cool can you revamp its stats like delete everything it does and start over

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Woo congratulations, that’s some amazing news! So excited to see all of the new models!

You son of a bitch, I’m in.

This plus additional tiers of non-uniques and eventually getting all armor/gear uniques will really spice up the variety of appearances and make it feel like your toon is actually progressing throughout their adventures.

Big ups for this! I’m super curious what some uniques look like… I’m assuming we can’t see all of them until 0.9.1 is officially out?

Wow what a coincidence just this week I’ve been playing a Poison Marksman thinking “Man it’d be cool if this Acidfletch looked like its icon does.” Can’t wait to go through all the weapons I’ve got to see how they look!

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