New Enemies & Models | Coming in Rising Flames

Cute dog! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or just delete it completely would be a good idea as well.

Hello EHG. Are they good boys? Can we pet them or have them as allies ro fight the void?

If not can you make an Apex Quill boar bear MTX which throws quills instead of thorns. As well as a Blooming Vine Crawler Spriggan Companion?

What do you mean? The wolf/bear models are for the primalist, meaning they are allies and will fight alongside us.

I love ursula along with fenton and friends, but we need new allies The power of friendship is required to conquer the void.

Pinksummoner is even more of a troll than I am. He never steps out of character. You’ll find his posts more easily understood if you view them through the lens of “for the lolz”.

Somebody found Fenton the Squirrel recently.

It was a fucking cute overload mate

Congrats for the new updates! I love this game so much! :slight_smile:

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This is madness! Can’t wait.

Hey! Half of the Item is great. I mean the “Bastion” part of the name! I have one with 3LP and is doing fine in the stash.

Anyone else feels like this seeing the shield (Total Recall viewers should recognize the scene) :joy:


I love all the models and also the look of the primal dog a Wolf.
I looks more like a dog to me which i dislike. The model looks good though

Okay, I really like the creepy Invasion of the Body Snatchers Pod Walkers that lob Soylent Green at you.

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