Nerf damage, not playstyle

If it is at all possible please dont nerf playstyle. I kept thinking to myself if my characters are high on the ladder there would most likely be nerfs on the skills I use etc. At the very least those skills would be looked at more closely. What I was always hoping for was that it would be on the damage aspects of it. I am always ok with that. What is a real shame is if the playstyle is nerfed.

I feel that is what happened with Entangling roots and the stun nerf. That was a HUGE part of why my shaman was able to get so high on the ladder. Couple that with the fact there is so little crowd control in the game, it really was deflating to see that part of the skill tree erased. Its basically a damage skill now. We have enough of those.Also there is so little defense options for a shaman to start with it really hit hard and will completely change my playstyle. I wont be taking roots now as there is no need.

Not upset but I hope you can reintroduce a stun somewhere in the primalist arsenal as it really does help give you that precious extra second or 2 in the higher level arena waves. Of course stun is not needed in the campaign but as in all games having other abilities you can use besides “damaging a mob” and “running away from a mob” gives more depth and allows players to achieve a higher level of skill when playing.


Sooo one of the most important tools in your kite, what was a hugue part why you been where you been, was taken away and now you have to figure out something new? What a Shame ^^. if there is one pretty much outstanding thing there are only two ways to go. Remove it, what is the easy way, or make it so expensive noone touches it so people still have the illusion of useability or use it after huge investments. The latter is the better in my eyes but I have no high hopes for LE when it comes to balancing. It feels like if they are asked wich scalpel they want to use on the nerf operation they always ask for the chainsaw.

what I don’t want to happen is to just push a button to damage a mob and have only passive mitigation and that’s it. The stun is immaterial. I just want something besides damage or be damaged …


I wanted a worthwhile class besides Sentinel as well but after they nerfed the bear I’m back at it and do more dmg and have better tank without glancing blow then my bear had. It’s always a up and down with classes. Look at those mage players who have their most viable build gutted and after this there was one or two other builds that worked. All of the sudden everyone played Werebear and it was gutted. That’s the balance mentality of EHG… if something numberwise is 50% outperforming everything else they gut it by that ammount because… numbers ^^.
If I recall things right roots have been one huge aoe stun and that’s far to opressive. It makes me kind of sad when I think about how much fun I have with Sentinel but most surely he’ll be the next one on the chopping block if it isn’t the phys dmg spell shaman ^^.

With the entangling roots changes in 0.7.5 we had two goals

  1. To remove the melee aspect which was visually outdated, difficult to balance with the patches, and effectively being replaced by earthquake.
  2. To refactor how the skill dealt damage to be more performant.

The stun being removed was a result of these rather than a specific decision to remove guaranteed stun from the Primalist. In order to reintroduce it new nodes are being added to the Earthquake tree that give it a guaranteed stun.


If you are hurting for balance ideas on that I wouldn’t mind at all a node prior to the stun node lowering the mana cost , lowering the damage , and introducing a 3-4 second cooldown on earthquake. That’s how important that stun is to me.

I see that the particular Shaman Stun problem was addressed, but while this was going on, this lovely gem was thrown into Patch 0.7.5b that nobody talked about:

The above quote is surely sugarcoating it: what’s really going on is that hard hits that would normally bring the Reaper back into human form will now 1-shot the player. It’s hard enough keeping up with Reaper Form’s increasing health costs, and that’s not counting the Lich nodes that bleed health even in human form. I was going to create a Dodge-centric Reaper that was focused on keeping Reaper Form as long as possible, including summoning minions to leech health off of in the event there are no enemies around to prevent my health from constantly draining. This small change has now completely ruined that play-style as an option, as the Reaper Form no longer provides that one-off protection that prevents against full one-shot kills.

I really can’t stand game-changing “patches” that completely ruin builds without any sense of discussion or feedback. Most people don’t live in Discord, Reddit, or Twitch, so I have no idea where things like “let’s remove Glancing Blow” and “hey, letting people get 1-shot in Reaper Form will lead to no negative feedback whatsoever” end up being discussed. Increasingly, I’ve been feeling less like a Beta tester that has a sense of actual feedback leading to real discussions and more like a statistic to add to the Ladder obsession. What’s the point of giving detailed feedback if the only reply I’m going to get is “lolok?”

I dont see how that is a problem, if a shot (read: ONE shot) not only puts your reapers health to zero, but also again your complete health, you may have really shit defense to begin with.

The nodes that make you loose your health are optional, and can be fully mitgitated through other passive nodes and some health reg more or less even to a positive. Given Lich has inbuilt life leech from all damage sources too…

I dont need to jump on discord or twitch to understand this decision.

I hope LE developers dont follow poe lead and keep forcing “meta” aka destroying builds/skills/items while buffing other builds/skills/items to force players to play something else. That being said I’m playing Shaman using Tornado and Entangling Roots as my main skill and so far is pretty fun, easy and good newbie/starter build. Got me to lvl 100 in arena in Arena in first try.

If you have been paying attention in the past few days, people have been posting about how characters with much better natural defenses are being 1-shot by random enemies, which then begs the question: how much should players be focuses on defenses? How many equipment affixes should be spent towards armor, protections, and health? This is basic ARPG building where there has been little to no transparency about which direction the balancing team wants to take.

There are other one-shot prevention mechanics in this game, such as Paladin’s RNG Divine Essences that prevent one-shots, so I don’t understand why other classes can’t have a one-shot mechanic prevention, especially one that requires significant investment to counteract Reaper Form’s increasing health costs.

It seems to be rather generic and you need to invest most of your points in defensive stats like in most other ARPGs. Even if you make use of CC skills later on a random arrow flying into your direction from outside of the screen will kill you. i think it’s a bit bad this spirals out of control so hard.

Sure Story is np. Sure with enough gear monolith starts to get intresting at stage 50+. Sure you can opt into an Arena build and push waves. The question I ask myself is if this is worth it.
Then again I ask myself what will happen as soon as the coop mode is there and enemys might get enhancements depending on the player group size. If there will be any modifieres in that direction we’ll enter a world of pain :D.

Not if someone runs a dedicated cc/healing/buff build purely for multiplayer focus.

Theres one skill in this entire game I’ll be building around if dev’s dont touch it. 100% guarantee 1shot prevention lol

For multiplayer some nodes have to go for good. I theorycrafted a build that perma CC’s groups of enemys so everyone else in the group can build as much dmg as they want and need 0 defence. If this don’t change I’ll push some frieds who’ll get the game on release. It’s bonkers what you are able to do… at least if you play Sentinel :D.

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