Beta 0.7.5b Patch Notes



  • Now unlocks at Shaman level 10 (down from 15).

Ice Thorns

  • Improved targeting on slopes.

Reaper Form

  • Damage that brings you out of Reaper Form now bleeds through to your regular health. If you have 500 max health, and 100 remaining health in Reaper Form, taking a 200 damage hit will leave you on 400 health, not 500).

Sigils of Hope

  • The Decree of Flame node can now have a maximum of 3 points allocated (down from 5). Characters with more than 3 points in this node will have the extra points respecced for free.


  • Increased the gold value of staves and catalysts.


  • Updated the appearance of bees summoned by the Keeper’s Gloves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error with loading certain types of shards which prevented some characters from being loaded.
  • Fixed exiting to character select and then loading another character causing a variety of odd behavior, including enemies idling in place after death and load screens getting stuck.
  • Fixed a bug where an item’s fractured status was not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed some drop rates for Uniques being incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug where shards would rarely fail to drop.
  • Fixed a non-functional type of Rune dropping.
  • Instability is no longer shown on the tooltips of items that can’t have instability.
  • Fixed an oversight where Increased Elemental Damage could not roll on staves.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirits’ Spectral Putrescence node not adding the poison tag to the skill.
  • Fixed Flame Ward’s Selfless Sorcery node mentioning another node by the wrong name.
  • Fixed a click sound being played multiple times when loading a character.
  • Fixed Earthquake having a minion tag in its tooltip.
  • Fixed ground affects unintentionally appearing on the Primal Sabertooth.

Known Issues

  • Runes and Glyphs besides Rune of Removal and Glyph of Stability are unavailable.
    • We have found a fix for this issue which will be in a patch soon, and the items have not been deleted. This fix was found after the patch process had started for this release so we decided to get these fixes out first.

Thank you for working hard on this!

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