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Need help with build VK

Hello everyone, I am faced with a problem that I find really complicated to solve.
It is possible that I am looking for something that does not exist.

I want to do an rive, physical and void damage build.
will be my only attack that will inflict damage because this attack is enough to itself. Good single target damage and respectable area damage with the 3rd attack. Especially with the improvement of his talent tree.
This automatically removes warpath and vengeance, which makes duplicates and which will end up being useless. To go with rive I think to play, lunge for the dash and especially the massive critical hit bosst via initiative. Anomaly for the bubble, and everything it offers (cc, leech life, attack speed …), devouring orb (additional damage, movement speed …)
Until then everything seems obvious, what is less is what else ?

I don’t see anything useful. If I could I would happily take holy aura, but it’s impossible unless I leave paladin, but in this case I give up anomaly and the upper part of the VK tree. So in the end the problem is the same.

Abyssal Echoes this attack seems perfectly useless to me. apparently does very little damage (and that’s not what I’m looking for I have rive for his.)
Little this recast alone, but can not launch it automatically, and I do not understand at all the point of this attack, nor even what it is honestly used for.

Erasing Strike does not seem useful to me in my build. Finally, I don’t have to worry about managing the monster packs. So rive is enough.

Ravaging Stance and Ephemeral Stance, seems like a good attack to kill you. I think that the boost or damage are not worth what it costs. And without a talent tree to improve their basic characteristic it seems difficult to use effectively.
Ephemeral Stance can be more useful on an erasing strike build which instead goes based on 2 or 3 big attacks, has a timeout phase and so on. So using it on the burst phase is ok. But on rive with the speed attack it’s suicide.

Volatile Reversal is perfectly useless in this build because I have no mana problem, and don’t bring any boost.

Ring of Shields, is nice but forces to put 5 point in forge guard. It’s not a huge investment, but it still doesn’t seem really worth it to me. The spell doesn’t give me any boost. Apart from protecting myself from some projectile, it ultimately seems expensive to me to pay for so little use.

Sigils of Hope, would probably be the ideal candidate, it brings a lot of interesting things, with a big improvement in void damage. I don’t question its usefulness, especially since some point in the paladin tree will be useful. But this spell is in my opinion one of the worst spells ever to use, as good as it is I never want to play this thing. It is infamous to manage. The only solution to playing this stuff quietly would be to play with a script. Vnum does not work, as it will cost you too much in mana to spam. Besides you use instant cast on your trees which adds a 1 second cooldown, you can’t put a macro either or I’m not good enough at it. To configure (R_1 second_R_1 second_R_1 second_R_1 second then wait 15 seconds and start the sequence again). Unfortunately, I’m not good enough at that. And doing it manually is driving me crazy.

The fact is that I do not see myself playing anything other than my 4 attacks mentioned above. I don’t see anything useful except the horrible Sigils of Hope which gives me nightmares at the thought of using it manually.

So if anyone has an idea, or figured out something that I didn’t understand about a spell that would make it useful. I am taker and thank you in advance.

  1. From what you described i would try experimenting with Abyssal Echoes more.

Especially if you more heavily want to lean towards the void damage, abyssal echoes can give you a stacking 21% melee void pen, which is insane.

If you use Abyssal Echoes with the Instant Cast Cooldown Node and max cooldownrecovery (this branch also gives you capped void resistance, if you keep it up, it has 3 sec cooldown and the buff last 4 seconds, which means permanent uptime (if you have the mana) with 1 sec overlap of 2x the pen buff.

Even without playing with the pen buff, the top right part of the tree gives you great aoe and pull mobs together, which pairs well with the 3rd AoE strike of rive

Abyssal Echeos also has temporal blight, which is a really trong defensive ailment. (Especially in conjunction with Time Rot and/or Chill)

  1. You could also use Shield Bash as a defensive/interupt option.

5 points or even mroe into FG are a really good investment, FG has alot of great nodes that give you alot of offensive or defensive value.

  1. Ring Of Shields is a really strong skill.
    If you play high echoes you can use it situationally for cerrtain mob types to ignore them and deal with other mobs first.
    RoS can give oyu %increased armour and block effectiveness.

EDIT: You could also drop DO, since it makes non caster builds really clunky.
And it really does not offer that much benefit (75% Void res, 60% global dmg and 20% MS if you only count the buff portion). The global dmg is not huge, the void res can be achieved by abyssal echo as a instant cast. Only the movement speed is pretty nice.

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Indeed, I saw this bonus in the talent tree, the only thing that I found a shame is that it specifies, that I have to use it manually, so I assumed that it would not work. not with the automatic recast or with the echoes which is a bit of a shame, but it is true that it is nice and that launching every few seconds manually is largely playable.

Mana shouldn’t be a problem since I have very few expensive spells, and my main attack is no mana.

It is true that I did not think of that, I can take the option without shield, then use it to interrupt a big attack.

Indeed, it is for his that I spoke of a largely ok investment. It is true that there are some interesting liabilities in the forge guard tree.

Knowing that I will be playing with two weapons, the block does not seem really useful to me, the value will be too low. After these my fault I didn’t clarify that I play without a shield and have two weapons.

Personally I find its very strong, for something so easy to use (unlike Sigil of Hope) Just cast an orb every 15 seconds for advantages that I find significant. Finally it seems to me unless I misunderstand something, but 60% overall damage seems very strong, and the MS remains pleasant even if not essential.

I just think 60% global damage is not that strong, depending on how far you are already with your builds/gear.

If you already have some %increased damage from any other sources, lile passives, idols and gear, you can easily reach %increases in the few hundreds.
60% is basically very slightly better than a T5 affix on a single item.

For me personally on that is not worth a skill slot.

If you don’t play with Abyssal Echoes, the void res indeed would make DO alot more desireable and as i already said 20% MS is really nice.

But i would drop DO, if you wanna take Abyssal Echo and then go with Abyssal Echo + RoS or Shield Bash


Still the % armour, healing and blocking projectiles is incredibly strong.

If you don’t spam RoS, and only use it for particular mobs, it’s very powerful.

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Seen like this, it is not wrong. After that I can’t necessarily find much better, but at worst I can use Abyssal Echoes in 5 slots. What do you think of a build, rive, do, abyssal Echoes, lunge and anomaly, does that sound good or questionable?

Smite is also an option if you have some of the idols that cast it on throwing hit & then take the Axe Thrower passive. Smite can give you 50% attack speed & some flat fire damage along with more hits to proc chill/slow/etc.

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There is probably nothing “best”.

I personally just dislike DO, if not played as a Caster and an actual Main Skill, but that’s jsut personaly preference.

Llama’s idea with the smite giving some AS and flat fire melee dmg via auto proc is also worht thinking about.

Ok thanks for the info, I ignore the existence of this idol. I was thinking of using the ones that gave a boost after using DO, or if I use
AE the same buff but after using this one. more in second to see a shred armor or something like that

With several Sentinel builds, I used to select Shield Rush for mobility. It does not require a target, contrary to Lunge.

Yes but lunge brings a lot of critical chance, after use for 4 seconds and like not less than 200% which I find huge, knowing that you can throw it every 3 seconds a little bit. With a little luck of writing flat it can quickly go up to nice amounts. Coupled with the liabilities of the VK which naturally rises this critical damage I find its quite strong.

Yeah, the increased damage after a DO or an echo a nice idols.

Edit: the melee damage after an echo idols give bigger damage than the DO idols.

That’s why I thought I would take those there, but I’m still going to find out about smite’s one. Its merit reflection indeed.

thank you all for you idea anyway, I now have something to think about.

I forgot to ask a question earlier, even though the answer seemed obvious to me. But imagine, that I take paladin (just for holy aura, this spell is so strong that it justifies a lot of sacrifice for him)

Then I invest 30 points in the VK tree, which is technically enough to unlock anomaly. Except if we look closely the trait of the spell is located in the upper part of the tree, therefore inaccessible being paladin. Do I still unlock the spell?

I hope you understood me sorry not easy to enter details in a language that we do not understand ^^

Because it was originally my idea. From playing paladin just for holy aura, invest in the VK tree for all the good bonus, at least 30 points to opt for all attacks, so anomaly. As its I play: Rive, holy aura, DO, lunge and anomaly. but that should i think be impossible because anomaly it is in the upper part of the VK tree.

No, you can only unlock up to the mid-way point of the passive trees you’ve not mastered.

Ok thank you I suspected, otherwise its broken, nobody would play VK or FG we were all playing mixes, pure paladin or paladin on the paper for holy aura then we would put all our points in the tree that interests us. It makes sense for balancing, although for me holy aura is not balanced.

As I’ve said elsewhere recently, possibly even in one of your threads, I disagree with that.Yes, Holy Aura is awesome, but so is up to 40% chance to repeat (most of) your skills for free. You can get a truely ungodly number of Hammers out as a Void Knight & up to 40% of their hits can proc Smite.


So, thanks for the examples, I did not know. After that I do not question the strength of something else, it is true that the VK echoes are indeed strong, after that I just think that in a world where we can use holy aura as we would like, everything the world would play with it so much it is strong, even the build you show me, I’m sure if he could, he would have made room for this spell. Which proves the somewhat dubious balance of fate. Then I went quickly, saying that everyone would play mix. Because it is true that the echoes of the VK are still very pleasant, but this is not a spell but a bonus linked to the VK.

If it were possible for a Void Knight to use Holy Aura, yes, I’d probably take it. Fortunately, it’s not.

Yes, clearly. Even if this is not the subject personally I think that for balanced holy aura, all the buffs must not be active without casting the spell. It’s for me what makes it too strong. Maybe leave the resistance and other defensive tool as is. (After all it’s an aura, so it needs an interest which would be the defensive buffs and healing bonuses.) But bonus damage, attack speed, critical, critical damage should only be active when activating the competence.