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Need help (Minion Necro)

Till now I had not many issues with the build but now suddenly I get one-shotted by nearly everything. Chapter 9 with a L60 Necro with 18 minions build being stuck at the Chamber of the Vessel due to being instakilled all the time and if getting far enough from the AOE the minions will not attack even if bein ordered to attack with the A key. Even the minions are killed too fast.

You’ll need to give us some details on your build (Last Epoch Build Planner). If your minions are dieing too quickly, I’d assume that they need more hp &/or sustain.

Last Epoch Planner does not work for me. Can click on the equipment, but it is not added to the build.

Have you tried uploading your build to it? The small up arrow in the top left corner.

(Not related to OP - Planner tip)

The Planner works very well but it is a little unintuitive when you first use it.
The key is to select the item (blue highlight) then it appears on the top left…
Then you attack affixes (prefix/suffix)
The blue highlights on weapon/affixes is important as it shows whats selected.
its confirmed in the top left.
but the key thing is to click the little save button top right when you are done - else nothing will be added to your build plan.

Hope this helps a little… It really is a brilliant tool to use and does work.

I tried to attack affixes to the stuff but did not work too.

Edit: Let’s see if this is working.

You need to click on each prefix 1, prefix 2, suffix 1, suffix 2 and select (blue outline) the affix you want… If it doesnt confirm in the top left then you didnt select anything or you clicked on something else/twice

Yip. its working fine.

Could you have a look at this planner?

It’s a basic example of things that usually work quite well.
At least, the passives are the main I focus on with Necros most of times. It’s not finished, but it’s a strong basis.
As for the skills, it’s a possibility. You summon the skeletons and the mage, then you summon the abomination, then the mages again.

What you would like to have (order doesn’t really matter, just get the few things halfway together):

Full resistances (preferably everything above 70%); at least twice as much life; Minion Health Regeneration (or Ribbons of Blood); 100% Critical Strike Avoidance.

The rest almost doesn’t matter.


I could probably go resistances and HP but that will certainly weaken the minions by a huge margin.

Just try something in this direction.

You can choose the right items [have only set the rings properly] and where put the resistances on or get them from.

With this basic setup you can easily get through the campaign:

Good luck.

Thank you. Interesting there are nearly no minion buffs on the items. Are the minions not getting too squishy?

Necromancers’ minion are kind of disposable :smiley: You can resummon them fast. Unlike Beastmasters where you need them to be tough.

Yeah, around Corruption 200 most of my Minion attempts usually start to play a little tougher.

In addition, this is only a rough direction, for example, you can only have Minion Damage, Minion Dogde and Minion Health on rings anyway, just leave out the gambling Dodge, then it fits. Ribbons of Blood also help by the way.

As a damage booster, I found the passive “Aegisfall” very impressive, especially with larger armies. (on dot based ones you don’t need it)

Translated with (free version)

Ribbon of Blood? Do you mean Blood Rip?

After some equipment improvements I managed to kill Majasa just to watch her rise with full health again. Now my issue is that either Majasa is bugged or if that is intended then I need more mana regeneration.

It’s a two phase fight. You’ll love what happens when she gets down to a certain amount of hp in the second phase…

Love or “love”? :wink: But then I need more mana regen. How can a petless player character win against her? :roll_eyes: