Necrotic Zoo Minions

Anyone running a build like this? Death Knights/warrs/golem/dreadshade/necro wraiths, scaling with pact severance/double hollow fing? What corruption if so are you started to get a hard stop at?

I did this but only got to 200 corruption before running hard into a wall. This was when I was trying to do a necrotic melee minion build. Hollow Finger is only great if you don’t have access to more skeletons (i.e Aaron’s Will). They are hardly worth the affixes you’d lose in ring slot unless you have one with some LP… Skeletons only scale with necrotic damage through profane oblation (Mage’s Sacrifice).

Pact Severance doesn’t make any sense since you arent specc’d into sacrifice at all with your build idea.

Necrotic is a bit better now but it still just doesn’t scale like Fire/Cold IME. It’s doable definitely as is all builds in LE.

This is where I ended up before I rerolled into an cold minion necro:

Build Link

I see from youre build there is a regular axe with similar bonus i can use, im sure id have found it sooner or later. As for skeletal warrs, their ability scales with necrotic, and im also scaling physical aswell, since alot of necrotic talents are paired with physical talents.

3lp Hollow finger is very very cheap in mg and two add 26 base necrotic dmg, and im building purely with cheap items from MG aside from exsang and last steps, which i dont have LP for yet.

Our builds are somewhat different though. I’m using a golem as a tank so my death knights and warrs can kill. Focus players affix is a bit dicey so i usually avoid though. I’m gonna keep gearing before i push since i still didnt roll resists on monos yet after 4-5 times. I still need to bump minion crit some and increase my ward, move some passives too so i dont really have anything to show off yet.

Skeletal Warrior’s only ability is bone armor which is doesn’t scale with anything AFAIK. Have more is more DPS so if you can get ahold of an LP3 Hollow Finger then yes by all means!

they also have an ability called death slash, its the same ability as death knight, the only difference is that death knight has 50 necrotic base, and warr has 11phys and 11 necrotic base

Interesting, I’m looking at the ability but I don’t think I’ve ever seen warriors use it.

honestly i cant see any of them using abilities unless i have hungering souls/necrotic mortar talented. But its listed in multiple sources. I assume its just a generic melee sweep attack so who knows if it has an animation or if its 5 second cd is reduced by talents.

I just tested this and it does not seem like Skeletal Warriors ever do anything other than an auto-attack:

Video Link

i was just unlocking arena and doing the same thing. Looks like it doesnt work, maybe an old ability that got removed or just bugged

That’s what I was thinking as well which is a shame because Warriors would be SO much better if they still had this ability.

If you spec Death Knights then don’t spec profane oblation because they will prioritize that over melee attacks.

yeah, i mean the warrs still hit for like 3k avg per swing so they do pretty well, and then the additional necrotic dmg from dread shade. I assume that just adds in and not just if they already have necrotic.

i just checked, their dmg jumps to about 10k per hit on dummy with shade

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My current Zoo build. Breezing thru 340. Necromancer, level 100 (Release / 1.0.5) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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the freeze helps alot to survive i take it?

Running a freeze build myself. The freeze is only beneficial until you hit 300 corruption which then it begins to fall off because have HP scaling. I still freeze monsters but it’s not as helpful as it was when I started emp-monos:

i was playing with exploding skeletons, using mages to explode them…
I was feeling really slow and not tanky enough

then i dropped the helmet for Wraithlord and decided to test it out
this build is so broken lol, i can see why people play it. But it’s kinda boring…

does anyone have a build for skeletal mages exploding skeletons/wraiths? is it worth it?

Since they changed sacrifice into profane oblation for Mages it seems very viable to build with mages/wraiths/skeletons. Wraiths gets ALOT of flat necrotic damage on their skill tree. I did something like this but farmed more for better equipment. Not sure how much corruption I would’ve been able to push with that build.

im hitting 150corruption so far with my current necrotic minions, wonder how far i will go till i hit a wall, so far everything instantly dies

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Here’s me running a 315 corrupt echo.

It does okay but anything beyond 315 my clear speed slows down significantly. Been waiting to switch over to fire minions.

youre dmg seems low there, is there increased dmg reduction based on corruption?

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Yeah, I believe so as well as just more health. The modifiers also doesn’t help. I’ve been wanting to switch over to fire minions for more damage.

I think I need to get a nice rolled raven crown and replace Boneclamour for just some extra flat damage.