Necrotic Zoo Minions

For anyone whose interested, i just hit 210 corruption, still scaling minion/minion necrotic dmg pure melee minions. Doesnt look like ill stop here, my minions still kill everything in under a second besides bosses and super tanky bois.

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Can you link your build? How are you defenses/EHP doing? I am torn between having 10k ward and less damage or 6k ward and lots of damage lol!

How do you even get so much ward?

I’m running a low-life setup stacking Health/Int/Retention!

No this build does not freeze much, in fact I have gone away from cold mages to regular necro mages. This is primarily a minion crit build. I do put 3 stacks of chill on all enemies due to my passives. Necromancer, level 100 (Release / 1.0.5) - Last Epoch Build Planner

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What is the point of using both rogues and archers at the same time? Is the planner outdated? Edith: And would you recommend this build for CSF HC?

apologies there is not any. I was screwing around with my build in planner.

Archers are locked out, I prefer the Roges to run as blockers. I am currently smooth at 370 corruption.

Would not reccomend for Hard Core. This build is a bit glass cannon (at 370) the minions keep the heat off but spires and mortars require you to duck and doge and if you get distracted you will get one shot. On the other hand you don’'t have much else to do, you summon a wraith turret, put dread shade on it and wait for your minons to clear the screen while you dodge bad things on the ground.

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Alright, ty for fixing planner + advice <)

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I had much better damage doing Aaron’s Will with x3 Golems but the EHP is what stopped me lol I prefer to be two/three shotted over one! :rofl:

I swapped out for fire minions but I don’t have the proper gear to hold up to my ice minions. The ability to freeze reallly improves their surviviablity.

i dont have a final build just yet but im getting close, im also experimenting on the side with a variation using a lich spec as well doing kind of the same thing. I’m hesitant to post my gear till im done since i posted about using double hollow finger and the next day the MG price went from nothing to millions of gold making me do heaps of extra farming for gear. I did manage to find 15% exp gloves, (the mana/mana regen ones) with minion dmg crit avoidance Health. Still havent gotten LP last steps or exsange so i used a cheaper unique chest with 3lp to make the difference. All other items are exalts.

I’m running 15% base skeleton crit affixes and lots of minion health/regen. 1000% fire and 1300% necrotic on minion, I got alot of extra fire % cause it comes with the necrotic skills so i made the golem fire+tank. I have HEAPS of minion health % i used alot of t7 for that and regen. If i can get 2lp last steps ill try for 60-65% move speed and more move speed if i can find a 3lp arboreal circuits to replace the hollow fingers. I got two perma wraith stacking necrotic dmg, and are the big dmg dealers. They crit for upto 200k.

I have only 4500 ward though. The minions are currently taking all the damage. Since its skeletal warriors/death knights/golem none of my minions die to anything, i let them eat every attack on lagon with 150 corruption and it take 2-3 beam attacks before i have to summon more.

The play style is pretty simple, just run run run keep dread shade going. If i ever get arboreal circuit 3lp i feel like ill be invincible.

The main problem im facing atm, is getting the skeletons to group better since the minion AI is wonky and they keep running off screen to chase things that are very very far away.

as a side note, im also considering turning the death knights into base mages. since the death knights sometimes get crit and insta blapped where the other minions dont.

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I’m still farming for LoS/Exsang myself. At 400 corruption right now and if I rush to objectives the clear isn’t too shabby. Boss fights take at least 5mins however which is not as desirable lol

In my current crit build and in my former fire build (+1100 minion fire damage) i found golems to be my lowest damage minions all the time. Wraiths, Mages, Skellys then golems are the order of damage dealers. Add the fact the Golem picks his nose half the time in a fight and I would ditch the Golem first if I had to free up another minion skill.

If there was another minion that could go Ice then I would switch but I’m feeling pretty good about my golems.

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