Necromancer Bone Golem Build guide using Heart of Uhkeiros

Check out my build guide for the bone golem Necro setup I’ve been using since Heart of Uhkeiros was introduced to the game in 0.8.3! It’s one of the most well-rounded minion builds because you can pre-buff before every tough encounter and it deals amazing damage. You can see me pre-buffing to 15k ward before T4 Julra in the beginning of the video just to demonstrate.

We also know that neat new content is coming out for Bone Golem with 0.9. We’ll be able to run multiple bone golems simultaneously and their skins are getting an epic upgrade! Check out Action RPG’s youtube channel for some of those leaks.

And with a few minor tweaks, this build can be adjusted to provide significant utility for multiplayer!

Let me know what you think!


But you can already do that with the Twinned Golems node.

True but the 45% dps reduction hurts too much. If we can run 2 golems without taking a dmg reduction hit, that would be amazing.

But there’s 2 of them, if they’re hitting the same target that’s 10% more damage. And given they’ll probably be massively overkilling trash 2 Golems doing less damage would likely be better for clear.

But yes, just straight up doubling the damage of a skill without any downside would be nice.

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Which did you enjoy more, this or your lich builds?

Not gonna lie, I did enjoy the Bone Golem build more! It just crushes all content so well

yes I agree I always took twin golems and pleased by the result, don’t know why it was not more popular

Are this build playable at patch 0.9?

Yea, this build will be strong in 0.9!

How well is this build working against Lagoon?

It’s great vs all bosses

You sure bout that? A lot of minions have a hard time even hitting Lagoon because the hitbox is wonky but then again The last time I played a minion build was several hundret hours of playtime ago ^^.

In this build the bone golem doesn’t really hit anything. You hit the bone golem with rip blood and that triggers bone nova dmg.

Do you think AAron’s Will is worth it for the build? I try to get one and toy arround with it.

Btw if anyone finds this item please let me know if every + skeleton counts from passive and skills or only skeletons and no revenants, mages and so on. Thx in advance.

That armor won’t work with this build because it adds a cooldown to the bone shatter from bone golem and that is our only source of damage.

That & the Betrayal node states it only has an effect if you have 1 living Golem.

I think I should note that Synatras set is far and away best in slot for this build. The extra 2 points in golem is added flat damage and more multiplier, the 2 points in curse lets you make bone curse have your tree AND mark on death. Plus it has pretty crazy defensive stats for both you and your minions, the “100% minion crit avoidance” in particular helps with higher curruption.

You loose a ton of worthwhile stats to get meh stats from the setitems and I don’t think 2 more points in golen and curse will make up for the numbers lost on gear. I might be wrong but on paper it looks like a loss to me.

That bit confuses me a bit tbh. Plus you can get Mark for Death from a 3 slot idol.

I’m working on a bit of a tweak to the OP build that abuses the Rip Blood/Bone Curse shenanigans along with 100% Bone Curse up time. And free Skellie Mages ('cause reasons).

the normal tree setup ends with 50% more minion damage, bonus effect on golem, max armor shred and 3 points in area of effect - from there 2 points is exactly enough to get the death mark node, basically it means you do not need to make a sacrifice of a different node in order to get the mark. This may seem redundant due to idol, but idol is a % chance, while this setup is 100% consistent. Plus this is on top of all the other benefits from running that set AND it frees up an idol slot.