Necro I can't pick a 5th specialization

I can’t pick a 5th spec without totally respecing and it feels omegabad because I like my build it’s just omegabad right now because of this :((( My skeleton mages cast sacrifice with my build(cold dmg skel mage tree) The Skele mages sac the Wraiths too early for anything in the Wraiths(wraiths is my 5th skill) tree to help me at all. I can’t spec into Sacrifice because Skele mage just cast the most basic form of it and it doesn’t work already tested it out just in case. I’ve posted about this before somewhere else and ppl told me to respec… : | Send help :pray:

Can you share your build with the planner? This would help us understand the situation.
Basically, if it’s not already done, I would say spec Transplant. But let’s see the build first

The arrow on the left lets you import your character, then the sign just under lets you share it

Hey buddy!
Honestly, I think there is no way to help you. You are stuck with your very special build idea that is not supported by the game. I doubt that the devs will change the skills in regard to your demand (I remember you wanted to let skeleton mages to use your sacrifice tree).

And it doesn’t help to create new threads about the same topic. Instead I’d suggest to use your old thread:

Cya :wink:

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Idk what site you linked but it won’t load lol

I don’t remember if you must enable or disable hardware acceleration in your browser settings. Be confident, almost everyone here uses it

You can specialise Transplant, that’s always useful, or RIP Blood can be spec’d to buff your minions. You could also take Bone Curse to debuff the enemy or Bone Golem to tank for you. There’s plenty of things you could do without having a go at other people on the forum.

Edit: You could even take Dread Shade or Summon Skeletons. Pretty much anything that’s a minion skill or that buffs your minions. So to say “you can’t pick a 5th skill”, isn’t really true.

I really don’t know why you think that rudeness helps your argument here. It’s not my fault you are frustrated with your build progress ingame.

ARPGs are about to find the best build possible within the restrictions the game gives.

But your attitude is what does not fit.

Im spec’d in 4 of the 5 skills I use. The 5th skill specialization there is NOTHING that works with the build I already have. Idk why this is so hard to understand.

There are plenty of skills that could be of use for your build, either defensively or offensively, some people here already gave suggestions.

The biggest factor is probably the inexperience you have with the game.
Just try things out, respeccing is so easy and quick in this game.

But it is really hard to get enough motivation to try and help you with your attitude.

I highly suggest changing your attitude a little bit towards being a bit more kind instead of rude.

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OK, I suggested Transplant and I suggest it again. Transplant is efficient in all builds.
And I will no longer post in this thread, I prefer less toxic talks. Have a nice day.


You need to chill out or take your own advice:

Although I’d be tickled pink to see you find something where you can play “HOW” you want to without actually having to make concessions in some way shape or form because of how the game works…but maybe that’s why you do game design, right?

People have been trying to help you, in this thread and in other threads. But when you don’t think the answer is good enough you get hostile, not just disagreeable but hostile.

If you disagree with the design of the game I suggest you bring concrete concerns to the devs that you can talk about in a productive matter. I prefer Scotch, but I’m not going piss and moan and call people names because someone else likes Bourbon (which I also happen to like). But I can most certainly talk about why I like Scotch and what I like to see in a whisky without being heated about it to the point of hostility.

And the build planner link works just fine.

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To be fair, it doesn’t work for a small % of people.

I’m really confused. I saw your other post too and I’m wondering what response you are hoping for. Are you looking for a dev to come in here and say that they will fix your build for you and patch the game to make it work?

It seems like you are looking for a solution but as you said, it doesn’t work.

I’m not sure if you’re aware or not but you can also remove individual points. You don’t have to do a full respec, you can just remove that one point so the mages don’t sacrifice things. You don’t need to relevel from scratch and can keep going from there.

Getting a single point back really won’t take long at all.


Well, also to be fair, if it doesn’t work for someone they’d just say “hey, link isn’t working for me anyone give me a hand on this?” as opposed to trolling with it.

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This is one of the better builds I experimented with. Quick sac from the mages plus multicast skeles that return mana on death plus all the passives that trigger off minion death and because the mages are casting sac it all scales off minion modifiers. Its a great build.

My Necro was last spec’d into Mages who sacrifice Wraiths and never had an issues with them sacrificing before they got to mobs

I took Wraiths as skill spec and went into Fallen Reclamation which gives Wraiths 75% increased movement speed and rest just summoning more Wraiths and just put Wraiths on autocast and let them auto blowup/resummon, there was no issues after getting movement speed on them

there is, [Removed —Support Team] and cant look at the most basic solution