My stash tabs got deleted!

My game crashed yesterday so I had to use the power button to turn off the pc (no big deal)

I log into my charater today and I lost all my stash tabs and gold!! how is that possible??
I lost all my stashes and gold in both a solo character and a regular character.
Please help me get it back!! :frowning:

my steam account is golan4840

I lost all my crafting shards as well. had over 10k all gone. How does it happen???


All the savegames are stored locally on your system… So if there is a crash, the local files can and sometimes do get corrupted.

If you are using Steam Cloud Saves, you could be lucky and have it copy the files back, but I doubt it - Steam will copy the corrupted files without knowing.

Unless you have a manual backup of your savegames folder I dont think there is anything you can do to get it back…


ps… As with all games in Beta, I always back up my savegames folders before and after I play… You might want to do this.

Hi Vapour!

Great advice about backing up the saved games, I’d like to start doing this just in case - I did a search of the forums but wasn’t able to find exactly which folder I should be backing up, could you point me in the right direction please? (I use steam to launch my game)


All the files are in C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch

You may need to enable hidden files to see the AppData folder.

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