My problem with the void knight

Hi everyone, I recently posted my overall opinion on the game, which was pretty good overall. I’m not going to do all the classes in the game, but I have a serious problem with the void knight.

To talk about the VK let’s evoke before the sentinel, the starting class and the other specializations, the forge guard and the paladin.

The Sentinel is really nice as a starting class, it has really cool attacks (warpath probably the most played spell in the game, only the real ones know)
So nothing to report on this side, rather a good job.
We will quickly go to the forge guard, probably the least playful specialization, there are many subjects talking about these problems including the talent tree that I clearly find below.
The paladin is without a doubt the strongest specialization and by far, it will help a lot, the consept is good, the talent tree is good, everything is good on this specialization, except of course on the most farted annimation of the game, judgment … pity change his devs, this area so small and ugly, and the attack 0 charisma, judgment his should be heavy. In short, we had to say judgment is horrible but the paladin is good.

Now let’s talk about VK, I see a lot of problems with this character.
In my imagination and not that, the vk is a Paladin corrupted by the void, and I image it with a big two-handed weapon. As a matter of fact, it is represented when choosing its specialization. He could also be played with a shield. Let us pass already on the lack of power of the weapons with two hands compared to having two weapons, its everyone knows it. Having twice as many bonus damage affixes to two weapons and also benefited from a better attack speed what good is taking a real sword of a man.

Starting from there already the VK has an obvious problem between what it should be and what it is … It should be an enormous nag who destroys everything thanks to the power of the void and destroys all life leaving only the void behind him.
So why is 80% of VK spells for mage? Where are the big sword blows, the devastating blows. He just doesn’t have any attacks in the cac.
I know we have to talk about it Erasing strike the most useless attack in the game or almost, The annimation is cool contrary to judgment, but simply unplayable, costs too much mana, very little damage increase in the tree, and totally zero against elites or bosses. Force to play with volatile reversal, to try to make its viable, its limit the problem of the mana, but not of are useless against an elite or boss.
And let’s come to the second problem of VK beyond that none of the other spells are used to hit the enemy. You can’t use attacks from other branches, even the Sentinel’s. Why can’t we change the physical attacks and void damage. Its should be normal. This character apart from his slammed attack does no void damage, so makes his talent tree much ineffective. What can the% damage of void be used for, none of your attacks scale on the void ?
So some attacks are convertible but not the good ones, or at least they should all be. Smite is good, but again I’m not a magician I have a big barbarian sword. So good why not, but warpath, vengeance, rive ext …
Without these attacks the Sentinel is either unplayable or bad. he becomes a VK who does not hit the void but in physics, so all are talent trees that give% void damage are useless or not much, in short a nice mess. It takes several things for the void knight to be a true void knight, to be able to convert 100% of the sentinel’s attacks into void damage, to be added another attack to the branch that taps on the void, but pity not yet a throwing ball or invisible rift, a real skill to slice enemies and mow down life, and in addition to review Erasing strike, the devs must disliked the attack because it made it unplayable, he had to say, "Come on we do a super classy attack with a name that sends but a disgusting annimation. " thus was born judgment, after he creates are to oppose “come we make an attack with an annimation which sends, a description which sells the dream, but it will be slammed like never” thus born erasing strike.

It looks like you imagined what the VK should be and you’re disappointed because the reality is different.
The VK is both a melee warrior and a caster. All his skills have the “Void” tag, so all deal Void damage. Many of these skills are support skill. You’re supposed to hit with Rive, Vengeance or Warpath, and the VK skills are here to deal additional damage, to spread damage from one mob to another, to augment damage, etc. And of course, there are exceptions, several pure VK builds.
For me, VK is a very strong mastery, that can deal tons of damage and has a very strong identity. Different persons, different feelings.

This is objectively not true.

If you have bad experiences with Erasing Strike that may come from not being experienced enough.
There are several ways to play erasing strike not involving VR.
Also Erasing Strike is one of the most dmg focused skills in the entire game.
It has probably the most damage nodes in a single tree.

Rive and Warpath do have Void Themed Nodes, just not fully convert nodes.

If you personally are not liking Void Knight that is totally fine and i don’t argue that.

But Void Knight for me is one of the coolest and most unique classes in any aRPG.

I would highly suggest you play Void Knight a little bit more, even when you seem to not like it at first glance.

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Never give up after one try. Try not to give up after two tries. You may eventually give up after three tries. :wink:

Yes indeed. :smiley:

On a real note, the VK is incredibly strong. It seems like it is pushed a lot harder into the “caster” type more than the “melee” type.

I would very much like if VK went very specific on its weapon types. It likes 2H weapons, sure, but maybe it should be more narrow, like Polearms. I would love the VK to be the “Void corrupted Dragoon”. Lunge already has nodes that get stronger with polearms and that is really what sparked my imagination in this. There is a unique void damage polearm but its very generic.

They could add a polearm node to Erasing Strike that makes it a “leap attack” aoe where you come down on the enemies with your polearm.

They could make a new unique spear/javelin that would be a polearm, but changes Hammer Throw into Spear/Javelin Throw and changes the damage to void.

I almost wish Void Knight had a Jab skill that worked similar to Serpent Strike or Flurry but not focused on poison. It could be generically physical damage that did shred and slow. VK could have a node that converted it to Void/Cold damage.

I actually also think VK could be the class that could most easily go into melee cold. I picture the Death Knight from WoW. Final Fantasy XIV has some great art for Dragoons too. I mixture of the WoW Death Knight and the FF XIV Dragoon are what I envision for what the Void Knight ought to be.

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Quite rightly, I am not questioning the identity of the VK or the fact that he is cool. I just don’t understand if these attacks are meant to be warpath, rive and vengeance, why couldn’t she be converted like smite is.

On the contrary, I find that the spell is great, just not balanced at the moment because of the blow in Mana, and the almost only increase in damage is precisely against mana, which is already much too high in base, or against cooldown, which would be nice if there was another attack to take over, erasing strike works wonderfully against a large number of small enemies. But it cannot be used as the only attack, except it is void’s only “physical” attack.

Once again, it’s quite the opposite, she by far my favorite class, for her that I am critical with, as they say in France “Who loves well chatises as well” I do not know if it says so in English, but voila, it is precisely because I love it that I would like to see it improve. Otherwise I wouldn’t care. I have long played a VK erasing strike. I have a pretty good experience except against bosses, but it doesn’t stop me from not understanding why we can’t totally convert warpath or rive into void damage. It makes sense to me that a Void Corrupted Knight would use Void Attacks.

There are 5 (FIVE) nodes that multiplicatively increase Erasing Strikes Damage, only 1 (ONE) does increase the manacost.

3 other are not gated behind any major restrictions

And the last one is gated behind “does not scale with attack speed”, which does not matter that much for such a high mana cost skill.

There are plenty of choices to combine those nodes in any form.

Also for how much dmg erasing strike already is doing, it has 9% base crit and 50% crit multi very easily accessable on the tree.

That sounds very different from what you said in your OP:

If you don’t like Erasing Strike for what ever reason, that is fine.

But it sounded like you think Erasing Strike is trash.
Which would be ok, if you think that.

But the way your phrased your OP was very different^^

EDIT: I would agree that some more void converts are cool, but i think if they get added they should be VK exclusive.

Other than that i don’t have anything to complain about your feedback, other than your Erasing Strike Feedback :stuck_out_tongue:

Forgiven me, I admit having been a little harsh, because in truth I really like the attack, I am someone of blood, I get carried away quickly when I like something or do not like, or could believe that I want to destroy everything. While no, what I think of the erasing strike is that currently as is, it cannot be used as a sole attack. It’s a wonderful attack for killing trash mobs, but difficult to make it effective against bosses. It wouldn’t be a problem if just another attack did, especially rive or vengeance.
But for that it would have to be a scaling in void damage, this would allow Erasing strike to do what it does best, eliminate all the little monsters, after in this case it is a cooldown, or a high mana blow. would not be a problem on the contrary it avoids making the attack too powerful.

Yes, I wish total conversion was a thing in Last Epoch. Acolyte has several nodes like this (Harvest, Wandering Spirits or Transplant for example), but it would be nice to have some total conversion for several skills in all masteries.


It’s true, I made this reproach to the VK because on him his sorely lacking, a knight of the void who does not hit the void, so the talent tree gives% of void damage, it is for me a problem.

But then it also affects other characters, there is my sense that there is a lack of skill for each specialty, to allow for diversity, or it would be necessary, as they say, to be able to convert the spells of other specializations from its base characters, into the element that interests us. That would open up a lot of diversity, and after all it did well for the rogue. all of the rogue’s attacks can be used in the Melee weapon attack or in the bow, which makes these attacks useful for all specialties, so why not the other classes?

+1 on total conversions. This would be really great for build variety.


Well in the end, I see that I may have got a little carried away, but basically agree. The subject concerned the VK but it can well apply to all the classes.

Then I’m clearly not sure the devs see this topic, but it’s true that I would very much like VK to be able to convert knight’s attacks. As also could the paladin.
In fact I think that all the attacks of the base classes should be able to convert to be used by their specialization. It would really seem like a plus to open up more possibilities.

You do not need full conversion to make a skill “viable” for other damage types.

Since the base dmg on your weapon already does contribute to that and vor example rives has very good void support (top left tree).

You can most definitely use Erasing Strike as the main skill, but you need some way of mana management and for sentinel this is most easily achieved by using a secondary attack like Smite, Rive or Vengeance.

I also don’t think that Erasing Strike is bad against bosses, i literally can chunk away 5-15% of a boss hp and the whole echo mechanic makes Erasing Strike very statisfying.

One of my Favorite Builds was all “Increased echo damage when a skill echoed”, so 4x Idols + Body Armour + Helmet, which was over 900% increased damage for the echo.

With the Amount of crit multi and easily reaching 100% Crit Chance this felt very statisfying.

Bosses literally lost 10-20% hp when a Erasing Strike Echoed.

Especially the new FG Passive Tree helped Erasing Strike tremendously.
Crushing Blows from FG Passive Tree gives 3% increased damage per 1 Mana Cost.
On my favorite Erasing Strike Build, Erasing Strike does cost 96 Mana, so 288% increased damage from a single passive node (6 points)


Just play around Erasing Strike more, you can make it a AoE skill, Single Target skill or even both.

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another way to get mana back is using volitile reversal. It turns a large mana pool into mana regen.

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OP complaint that VR is the only way to play with Erasing Strike.

Which I already disagreed here in this thread.
But I am not going to name all the different ways how to manage your mana here.

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erasing strike is in my opinion one of the best abilitys in the entire game you have alot of dmg inc on your void talent tree you can go whit beams build or void rifts both are good. you have alot of good leech form talents and the dmg of erasing strike. the best part whit all the leach you get from earasing strike is that you can go from 10hp to max in one hit on bosses and packs of mobs combine that whit vr and health pots and your basicly imortal unless you get one shot by a mechanic thats do alot of dmg but usaly those are tlelgraph on the ground so easy to dodge.
vk has alot of potential both as an amazing clas feel and dmg output and survival. some one just need to find a good build for rest of the skills vk has.
to be fair alot of classes has basicly only one or two "meta"builds they can go. take lich and necro for example lich has only its aoura and wraith form rest of the skills are hard to build around and necro just have alot of minions.
you just need to find the build for you and experiment this is beta so alot can change and devs wanan give us there idea for classes and love our feedback about them.

personaly i have spend alot of time experimenting whit markswoman and try to find builds thats not deatonating arrow or multishoot. its hard but fun and i have been close but have bad luck whit dmg faling of in arena 300+.

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I totally disagree, but that would be another topic. :wink:

tru but in my experience spirit plauge drain life and otehr skills cant compadre whit aoura of decay dmg

As I said I was hard with érasing strike, it was not necessarily the subject, but overall it remains a good attack simply I pence that it forces the use of volatile reversal or almost, and that on bosses this is clearly not the most efficient skill.
My real problem with VK is that he is unable to properly use the other skills, because she does not benefit from the% void damage of the talent tree, it makes no sense, in this case it We must have given% physical damage, and that the other skills VK be used in support. In short there is a problem either you have to be able to convert the sentinel’s attacks, or you have to modify the talent tree. So that the usable skills share the VK scale on the strength of the VK.

Once again I want to be clear on one thing, I’m not trying to break the VK and say it’s crap. I’m just criticizing something that seems illogical to me, so that changes can be made, and allow the improvement of the character, that is for me the goal of this beta.
And i dont really like to hear good it’s like her. Because the interest of this beta is precisely to point the finger at what is going to improve it. Sending flowers to the game and saying it’s perfect is definitely a pleasure for the devs, but it doesn’t help the situation. I am quite surprised to see that no one seems to see the same problem as me, on reddid and other everyone complains about his, on the constructions of boardman 21 there are comments also in this direction, he himself answers by saying it’s not his fault that no attacks can be converted so he builds physical damage and not void.
In short, I don’t want to criticize the game, just to criticize it, I criticize what I find is wrong, in the hope of helping it develop, so after if no one agrees, then that’s fine. I’m wrong but it would be a shame not to help change things if things go wrong.

I don’t understand.

You basicaly trashtalked Erasing Strike in your OP.

And now you are saying how good the skill is…

I have to disagree here very strongly.

I don’t wanna derail this topic, but i just don’t think this is true.

Especially regarding Lich i have to disagree even more, since that is my main class and i build all kind of succesful liches.
In fact my most powerful character is a Lich that uses a build i never saw someone else using before.

Since i don’t follow the build guide/content creator scene i don’t know what’s “popular”