My HC char got deleted and an older one revived after 0.7.9F patch

The same happened with all patches in the last 2-3 weeks, but usually it was fixed after a restart!

Now it isn’t, my char and its items are gone… :confused:

P.S. I have restarted the game multiple times, so I guess the logs won’t work…Also, the game hasn’t crashed, just patched to the latest version…

Edit: My steam playing time was also reduced greatly, it went to 13 hours instead of the actual 100++ hours.


I created another HC char earlier today, took him to the first village, like level 3 and quit. I come back a few hours later and…THAT CHAR IS GONE AS WELL…

The folder where the saves are saved isn’t flagged as read-only is it?

Update 2:

I downloaded my steam cloud saves and put them manually in the game folder, after backing up the ones that were there. My steam cloud ones were completely EMPTY.

No chars, no gold, no stash items!

So for now, I turned off steam cloud.

P.S. Now that I checked, it is READ ONLY. I don’t think it was read only before though, otherwise I’d have problems before. Maybe that last patch messed it up?

  • EDIT - With steam cloud OFF, it doesn’t seem to matter if the folder is read-only or not, as my char is saved when I quit Last Epoch and run it again.

  • EDIT 2 - The folder says it’s read only but when I enter it I see 4 files, 1 x char file, 1x temp char file and 2 game files. Those are NOT read only.

  • EDIT 3 My steam cloud saves had NO chars in them, no loot, no stash, nothing. And how can we explain the fact my Steam Playtime got down to 13 hours when it was 100++ ?

I did a bit of a test. If your existing save folder was flagged as read only (with a tick, not a block) after it had files created in it then those files wouldn’t be able to be saved to/updated. Hence why I wondered whether 0.7.9f had made your save file read-only as that would match the behaviour in your second post (created a character which didn’t get saved).

But as to why your steam time reduced, I have no idea.

Unfortunately, it seems it wasn’t that. I played last night with a new char till level 18 and he was saved just fine with the folder marked read only but the files inside NOT.

The only change I made is I turned off steam cloud and VOILA, everything seems to be working OK.

Steam cloud problems would also explain why my steam time got messed up!

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