My feedback

All is good except one thing, which is also reason i stoped playing.

The loot is sooo boring. I don’t even care about it and dont check it out. Drops are trash all the time. Uniques are 99% also trash. But serisously the filters are working weird and are not precize. I cant check items only for fire damage or so. It’s just so boring to check milions of uselless trash on the ground.

The crafting is also meh, you cant make tier 20 item at all.

The game i would rate 9/10
The items and crafting 2/10. What a shame for loot hunt game. I doubt there is a fix for that.


Well I probably got about two or three hundred hours in and I’ve made probably a half a dozen t20s so are you just quitting before you get to 90s where sixes and sevens start to drop?? if so then push yourself to get into the 90s where the loot is good. I don’t understand this argument, we’ve got plenty and plenty of T6 and t7 S if you haven’t you’re not pushing yourself in the 90s and 100s

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Hey Desper,
Maybe you could go a bit deeper with your feedback and share some more info on some points.

The first impression when reading your post is, that you propably haven’t gotten very deep into the game and gave up early on tour first impressions. Can you tell us how far you have gotten into the game?

  • What classes have you played?
  • How far have you been? Story? Arena? Monolith
  • Why exactly do you think uniques are boring?
    • Can you give some examples of uniques that you find boring?
    • Did you use uniques or right out left them alone because of reading the stats?
  • Why do you think drops are bad?
    • Didn’t you find items with propper affixes for your character?
    • Where you overwhelmed by the mass of loot that dropped that was not usable for your class/build

I’m curious to hear about these kind of info, because I personally have a contrary opinion on almost all your points.

I can understand that it is hard to filter out useful items without a proper lootfilter setup. From your post I think it is very likely that you just made a mistake with yours. Its defenitely possible to filter for “firedamage” affixes. If you are interested, you could check out @Heavy s Lootfilters.

Some early uniques are a bit simple. But there are some helpful leveling items. Later in the game you discover a lot of build enabling and defining uniques. Especially the monolith boss specific uniques are really nice and valid endgame gear in most cases. So it would be interesting to know of what uniques you talk about being underwhelming.

From my experience with LE theres almost a use for everything if you just wrap your head around it a bit and you figure out the synergies between uniques and skills.

So please share some more info to help improving this game.



I have 76 warpath paladin he is op. Then 65 Designator sorc and another 63 sorc. Well I was having blast but the items are not interesting.

I have unique axe maybe bis for sentinel. But other then that it’s just boring to check 30 yellow and blue items which drops every time in echo. There is allways nothing usefull or to be used for crafting. Even shallow itemization in D3 is better.

I have some filters but maybe I can give it another try. Well the uniques have usually some bad stat which negate using it or are unimpresive. Maybe it gets better at higher lvl.

The game can be so much better with better itemization. Why the items have only 2+2 afixes its too low. Even D2 20 years old game have better and more exciting items.

The amount of affixes does not change how exciting or unexciting items are.

Quite the contrary, more affixes will most likely make items way less likely to be good or exciting.

I would generally agree that itemization is not super good yet.
We definitely could use more interesting affixes, like some of the class or skill specific affixes.

But I don’t think you should measure a loot system based on the amount of items that you consider worthless, but rather measure it on the amount of good items you find.

And I myself do find plenty of good items every day.

Of course not every single one of those items actually becomes good enough to replace another item I have equipped, but I do find and craft alot of items every single time I play LE.

Having a proper loot filter does help immensely to reduce the amount of items you need to manually check.

Also not only using show and hide rules but also recolor rules can quickly convey informations about items showing on the ground, to help you evaluate items faster.

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Make automatic pick up of crafting gems. It’s not hard

It’s not about how easy it is to implement.

There were plenty of discussions about this, one of the more recent ones is here:

TL:DR: Automating looting processes like this is not a pure QoL/Upside for everyone.
Loot should stay meaningful.

Feel free to post your opinion in that thread.


I would agree with u on affixes, i would disagree with u on making t20 and crafting system in general. T20 is not so hard and not so easy to make if u find item with dessirable t5 and one more with at leats t3 on it. If it was easy to make like u wnated it to be i think it would brake the game. What is laking now is to make a t20 with only itwm base that has no affixes, i think they should and will add some rare runes that will help us with this in future. Dont look also the crafting system how it is now it is only good base for what they are about to add and im speaking of the crafting options and the new ways u are crafting your items. For the uniques i agree with u as well. But certain i think everyone would appreciate suggestions u have for it

Again i fully agree with u on 2+2 affixes it really is to low even for beta

Would it be nice that u can chosse back color of an item (tamplate) and color of letters and size of it until certain size that is reasonable ofcourse, as well to add sound effect? To add possibility that u are filtering items with 2+desirable affix etc…i understand what he is saying even with your nice loot filter there is to much of garbage items on floor

Of course there are alot of features we still missing.

And i am very certain we will get more feature to make super precicse filters.

The devs already ackowledged alot of requested features, but since we have not received any update on the loot filter, since it’s release (except some minor bug fixes) i am sure some day we will get another big update to the loot filter.

But for the first iteration of a loot filter, LE’s Loot Filter is already really good.

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Why exactly is 2+2 affixed “bad” or “boring”?

If there were 3+3 affixes I’m relatively certain that there would be some mandatory stats you always want to have on your item.

As a non ward user your would propably want to have vitality on most of your items as prefix and something like elemental resistance as a suffix.

Else theres even more luck necessary. Finding an item with 4 fitting affixes is easier than finding one with 6 fitting affixes.

I haven’t played much PoE but the bit I have played I haven’t really cared about all the stats on my items. There are 2-3 stats per item that you care for. The rest is just there. I just can imagine that min maxing 6 stats on an item in LE would be a lot harder than doing it with 4.

Is gearing with 4 affixes to easy for you? How long does it take for you to min/max your characters?

Or is it the opposite and you want to have more affixes to have an easier time with gearing?

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Items are more flexible because you can put more affixes on them but you would also need more affixes to do things like hit resist cap compared to if there were only 4 affix slots.

If EHG decided to move from 4 affix slots per item to 6 they’d either have to buff the #### out of the mobs to account for the roughly 50% power buff they’d just given players or nerf the #### out of items to account for the 50% power buff they’d just given items…

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I know. Just I want to know what the “more affixes fraction” wants to accomplish.

I see the reference to games that have more affixes on items. But all these games don’t have any deterministic mechanics to craft those affixes.

If you’re dependant on luck, the more affixes you can have on the item, the higher the chances you get something useful. But in these games, you asume having 2-3 useless affixes on your item is ok. Because you can’t change them in a deterministic crafting.

In LE you can. Giving people 6 affixes and a crafting too to get items with 6 useful stats, this will become your main goal for all items. I fear this might lead gearing to become awfully tedious. Only because something is in reach and under player control doesn’t mean it will be easy.

Balancing is another nightmare. As you implied EHG would nerv stat or buff enemies to compensate for this. The end result us the same.

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Isnt the sytuation curently with 4 affixes in position that u want only certain affixes like +to skills, crit multi, damage (depends what kind of build u are doing the type of damage?), health preferebly percent and flat adition in one, speed, attack or cast speed, and the rest is resysts and crit avoidance? Rest spots that are left is small right? Or am i missing here something why people dont want 6 affixes on item, currently i believe wouldnt make so much sence couse diversification of affixes is not big for 6 but its perfect for 4 of them. Personaly imagine of crafting item with 6 perfect affixes that u want i dont know its just an amazing feeling one that i dont have if i craft 4 t5s… Its somwthing more rare than finding t7 that u want but more common than finding double t7 So to me is more about feeling of crafting 6 pieces of t5 than functionality when u farm, i believe game should have more good feelings like that similar when u have t7 drop

In my opinion, there are a two reasons people want more affixes (with 6 being the logical, and most “PoE” like choice)

  1. As @Vekongnitoo pointed out, it would be much harder to get a 6 affix item to tier 30 than it is to get a 4 affix item to tier 20. Assuming everything else stayed the same, this alone would increase the longevity of both the loot system and the crafting system. In it’s current state, the loot and crafting system would make it way too easy to get decked in tier 20s with the best stats early in a Cycle. Of course, there are other ways they could address this, but additional tiers is one option.

  2. Right now with 4 affixes, defensive gearing is pretty dull. In fact, it’s probably more dull this patch than any time that I recall (with the possible exception of when protections were a thing). With only two defensive slots, and many defenses having at least two suffixes to choose, the meta has started to shift to just taking resists, and then as many of the best defense we can fit. Most defenses also got seriously nerfed this patch (RIP armor, endurance after 0.8.1c, and dodge on most builds), so right now the gearing meta for the vast majority of builds seems to be get resistances, stack as much HP as possible because HP > the other defenses, and maybe get crit avoidance (Most still think crit avoidance is mandatory but others have made a strong case that HP stacking is better than even crit avoidance). Building for defenses has gotten extremely boring, but this seems to be partially by design, as my understanding is EHG wanted to make HP more appealing. The problem in a 2 affix environment is when HP is better than defenses, we end up where we are now, with HP being the only defense we stack. Having 3 suffixes would be one way to open up gear for more interesting gearing, since we might have room for another defense type. It would also serve the less obvious purpose of making having a less than ideal affix on an item that is still pretty good more appealing, whereas in a 2 prefix/suffix environment that’s almost never going to be the case, because in the current environment it’s so easy to get the affixes you want and so detrimental to not have them. For example, If I’m HP stacking, and I get an HP regen affix, that’s bad. I really need all the HP I can get, and that HP regen just isn’t very good, (assuming I’m going leech, which almost everyone is right now) so I’m going to either try to remove that affix or just trash the item. However, If I have three suffixes, I could end up with both of my ideal HP suffixes and then a third regen. Is regen my best option? Probably not…there’s almost certainly a better affix for me, but I have the two best ones on here and it’s a lot harder to get three ideal affixes than it is to get two, so I would consider a 3 affix item with my two best stats and one that isn’t very good but still beneficial to be far more appealing than a 2 affix item with the same not very good affix. Sure, I’ll want to upgrade at some point to a better third suffix if I can, but since the longevity of gearing has also been increased due to the difficulty of actually getting three perfect suffixes as opposed to two, this item might carry me for a very long time before I’m able to find an upgrade, whereas I’m not even going to bother with that affix in a two suffix environment. So the takeaway here is that stats that are completely avoided right now would actually have much more viability in a higher affix environment.

I consider 2 to be the harder problem. I just don’t know how a player is supposed to stack HP and another defense along with their resists in a two suffix environment, and if EHG wants HP to be largely desirable in comparison to defenses, then there isn’t going to be much room for defenses. On the flipside, if defenses were prioritized over HP, then there isn’t much room for HP, so making HP less desirable or buffing defenses doesn’t solve the problem either. This is why I’ve been pro “more affixes” pretty much since I started playing, because I don’t really see a good solution for problems like these in a 4 affix environment. Only having 2 offensive and 2 defensive affixes creates a scenario where we just quickly identify the most efficient stat or two stats and we go get that, because it’s really not hard to do so with such a small number of affixes and each affix slot has a very high value.

In summary: If we had more affixes, the argument is twofold. 1) It prolongs the gear chase and makes the best gear even more valuable. 2) It makes more stats viable, so the meta isn’t so boring


Man by this comment u have actually explained core of the problem nice job!

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More affixes would also give you the ability to use for instance CDR as another layer of defense to use movement skills more offen. Overall i think I would prefer to have 6 affixes but as Lama jas alrdy mentioned, a huge amount of balancing is needed then.

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Yeah, but it really could have done with more paragraphs & white space to prevent the eye from sliding around the paragraph when you’re reading it…


Lol yeah its long but honestly i was enyojing it, he found the words that i couldnt explain it in such a good way