My character disappeared

Hi my character disappeared its not in the login screen i know the game is beta has this happened to anybody else and is it retrievable?

Hey, Welcome to the forums…

Do you mean that your character is not on the character selection screen or that your login is reset?

LE is currently an offline game - all savegames are in C:\Users[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\Last Epoch\ on your system *(windows obviously).

If something has happened to this folder or files then your character could be gone permanently. If the file is corrupted, then there is little that can be done. If the game crashed during the save process it could have messed up the files.

If you are using multiple systems or local user accounts & Steam cloud saves then something could have gone wrong and the character overwritten or the game cannot find the last epoch folder.

I would suggest that you manually backup the save folders / files while the game is in beta just to be safe…

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