Multishot on Speed - Build Guide - Diablo 2 Bowzone revival

TLDR: Here is the build in the cool new planner
UPDATE to 0.8.1. patch

Are you old enough to remember your Diablo 2 Bowazon spamming the screen with dozend of arrows in absurde speed?
I do - and i missed it … most games multishots dont have enough arrows, lack speed, even gave the poor thing a cooldown…

But now its back - screen full of arrows at absurde speed!

Random level 100 mono run - no great densety, no great skill, just a random echo
YouTube Run
Short Echo
The usual Training Dummy Video


And thats with the very slow 0,92 AS bow - no Arrow Storm

with arrow storm :wink:

I never played anything that was only halfway this powerfull in LE … damage like a glass canon without being one. Slaugthering screens of monsters i cant even see …
it feels like POE now in terms of clearspeed and game speed.
I just cleared the level 90 timeline in an hour with ~20 echos done … at level 78~

Hi there,

Proof of Concept

I hate arena with a passion … it boring. And …

This is the moment where my game crashed and made 1 hour of boredom worthless…

Further tries:
216 - onshot Dot effect (lvl 88)
256 - oneshot ice projectile (i dont have the crit avoid blessing yet :frowning: ) (lvl 91)

200+ is doable and fast - around 1,5 hours. Even at 250+ mobs die quite fast and you do not need much kiting! Its really okay in terms of clearspeed but of course things get “rippy” there…

  • Run fast - we take all the movment speed
  • Shot fast - we stack Attack speed
  • Fill the screen with arrows … like MANY of them
  • Dont be glasscanon, dead archers look so damn dead…
    in the latest update i suggest to change focus to endurance over life.

Skills used


We only want flurry to procc multishots and be as fast as possible - we dont really care for the damage.

Take the channelled Flurry node, take the multishot procc node including arrow storm (skip Accelerating Impact).
Take the rentless and adrenalin rush route and take everything there. We want the speed and we want to keep up adrenalin rush as much as possible at max stacks … and we cant really get more usefull things


Updated - thx @Daarknight

“Stand your ground” doesnt match the concept of speed and costs 2 relativly worthless points in % crit… no thx. I didnt find piercing a good investment either so i skipped it. :frowning:

“Strong pull” Best node - we dont care for the attackspeed penality cause we dont activly use multi in most cases. Take the knockback as well.
Take Double shot + all nodes.
Take large quiver - we dont care for mana costs and the damage boost is huge cause of “damage per arrow of multi” affix/idols,
Take snipping 5/5 for the multis and fast arrows (i think faster arrows fly further - i find dead mobs 2 screens before me sometimes).
60% more damage against slowed monster = oh yeah baby, thx yes!
The last point is “Hang loose” the attacks speed is worthless but 5% chance to gain Hast for 4 seconds is huge QoL. You basicly have it up all the time … and 30% speed = 45% inc. damage… the 4 second haste is lot more usefull than the one seconds of passive to skip empty room.

Take multi to your bar!
If you need to run through empty space fire some multis to proc haste and ruuuuuuun faster


2 spare points … i shift around all the time … most likley armor shred

Mana Regain Skill + Buffs

We want speed, dont we?
Press the attack for frenzy 20% AS
Phys Res shred
You now spent like 9 points the rest is whatever you like.

I personaly took the Bloodthirst + Hunger nodes … the bleed chance is global and you hit a lot. Your bleeds dont do much but its free so why not.
Armor shred is a good thing too, but the few hits of puncture … and you allreday have tons of shred.

I tried cinder strike … better hitbox and you regain mana faster from shot 6+ with oil coating but thats all the skill does… if you prefer it use it (oil coating + attackspeed for shot 2+3 + blind). You miss 20% AS + Phys Res shred
YOU DO NOT GET 72% ele res for 5 passives with cinder strike (huge downside imho)



Rush for Momementum
Take Jade Quiver for Crit/Crit Multi - you get 4 Arrows per shift and You consume ONE per Flurry even if you fire 100 arrows … i hope all these 100 get the bonus of jade quiver but im honestly not sure - 60% crit multi is fine…

Rest is whatever you like basicly. The more damage for one arrow after shifting part of the tree is totaly worthless imho - doesnt work on channeled and ONE multi … come on i get dozeneds of these…

Smoke Bomb

Do not waste your time with it in mono farming. Not worth it. It is for mono bosses and arena.

More starting area (better effect than the top node with faster speed … if you take both your smokebomb area gets SMALLER… bug?)
More Duration for the bomb
Shrouded in Darkness + behind nodes for tons of dodge and glancing blow
Slow node
1+ Points in shadow hunter for the blind on bow attack
Rest is quite optional

Note: You dont need crit or base crit chance - you stack crit vulerability so fast you dont care for crit to reach 100%…

Passive Points

Level 87

Dont sleep on sharpshooter + the armour shred node above it is great! You have 10 stacks all the time.

We abuse 5 points in elemental arrows but we dont use an ele skill
1 elemental arrow, 3 siege quiver, 1 fire and steel = 6 arrows we never use = 72% ele res all the time.

News: I freaking love arrow storm!
It feels great i dont give a sh… if its great on paper it is FUN!

For the rest of the points you can do some boring things like Dex/HP or Dex/Glancing or be silly and push damage (etheral arrows) or movmentspeed (pursuit)


It is a bit strange to run the slowest bow in the game in a speed build but the 4 arrows are simply too much % increased damage to not use it. You NEED slow on your quiver to procc the 50% multiplicator on multi!

Here is the gear i would like to have:
Gear Planner

Edit: Inc Dodge Rating > Dex on Idol Prefix.

Note: you have 72% ele res from passives.
So max all res, lot of crit avoid, solide dodge, >2k life, bit armour - tanky fast boy.

Dont take any % increased damage … you get tons of this from sharpshoooter and damage per multi arrow. Amour base type is maybe too much to pass but thats it.
In a perfect gear this is 25% (gear) + 24% (4*6 idols) inc damage per arrow … we have 17 of them … 833% inc damage on multi + sharpshooter = 1083% inc damage … guess thats enough.

Crit multi / Phys Pen … because more dead and so on.
Armour shred on quiver is kind of redundant because you have it from sharshoter… but i dont see much usefull things there either (and i really found the quiver with 40% + t3 AS + t5 shred)
I really like CD on head to get my shift back faster…
And dont dare to bring less than 8% move speed on your rings to the party :stuck_out_tongue:

My gear is what you see above basicly but t3 like on most items :wink:

Idols: % Multishot Damage per Arrow … as high as you can get … second affixe … i will let you know if i after i found 4*6% ones in 2 years …


Im just filling my spare time in home office here … the build is fine from level 1 to start naked - you dont really need to read this :wink:

Flurry is available from level 1

  • rush for the multishot node … fill up the rest of points as you like - doesnt really matter.
    Be warned: It will drain your mana first and getting it back will take some seconds without having sapping strikes - dont worry things get better with sapping strikes!

Get used to “channel 3 seconds” - “regain mana a bit” cycle. This build is not many buttons used but it is not “press one button all the time” either!

You can use cindershot for the first 30-50 levels - build it for damage / aoe
Switch to puncture whenever you like - you only need 4 skillpoints to get the most important part (20% AS procc)

Grab Multishot asap after mastery quest and rush for the extra arrows and heavy pull. Fill up the rest as you please (you will basicly slaughter everything in the story anyway)

Take Smokebomb last!

  • Grab a bow and a quiver craft added physical and added fire damage on it (really do it change to better bow base types every now and then and craft double t3 on them - you need like 3 bows till level 64 i guess, Quiver you can take a 10% AS one craft it to double t3 and keep it till you start on endgame crafting - thats like ~30 cheap shards that makes your life a lot easier)
  • Grab Vipertail for the slow its great from level 6-70+ (i love that thing for leveling on like every char for the dodge alone)
  • at level 64 you can gamble your endgame weapon… (takes you 150-250k gold most likley)
  • if you have enough of them - craft a t3+ multishot affix on your chest / head early … speeds up things
  • you can ignore resistances till mono 70+ - the ele res you get free is enough

Passive wise its straight forward

Swif Assassin 8/8 first
Agility 5/5 next
Sapping Strikes 5/5
Switch to marksman you can fill up the rest after you got the multi extra arrows

In Marksmen:
Just build your way up!
Assasins Quiver - Crit Vulerability first
pick up the 5 points for 72% ele res at once - the first 4 dont do anything alone
Thiefs Quiver 5/10 or anything like that is enough before arena
Arrowstorm and etheral Arrows (More than 1 point) are level 80+ things

Run Shot Enjoy

Guess i can call it a guide now it even looks halfway okay now.


Created in 0.8b/c
0.8 d nerfed jade arrow by one third (we loose 25% crit multi) - thats not nice but nothing that really hurt - no nerf to the elemental arrow “use” so we can be happy
Added ultra Clickbait title


Yes! Pics pleeeease!

Screaming “DeepeeesssSSS!!!” on TeamSpeak significantly increased your damage output in TvT matches.

Pics later… family time first.
Sometimes i miss being a student :wink:

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Where is this getting slow chance so that this works? i can’t figure that out. :smiley:


Quiver … chance to slow on hit.
I used the unic belt vipertail from 6 to 70.

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and if you don’t have it on your gear, you have the 5th skill slot that you can use acid flask for 100% chance to slow

Ah, thought it might be just from gear as I spent a good while combing the skill and passive tree trying to see what I missed! :smiley:

Honestly im not sure if i loose a lot of dps by low chance… you can grab slow on hit from lvl 100 mono too.

Started adding screens …

How does spoiler tags work here? [spoiler] doesnt work it seems :frowning:


Stuff here.

Use “details” instead of “spoiler”. If you reply to this post & quote you’ll see.

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Thanks … looks better now :slight_smile:

Is there a spoiler per post limit?
I dont get why the last one doesnt work :frowning:

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Not that I’m aware of, no.

You can also use <> in place of [].

I still like the elemental dot stacking build best but this one sounds like fun too.

Nice job.

Was looking for a multi arrow build in an ARPG to bring me back to my diablo 2 multizon (in the same boat with limited playtime, wife and 2 kids in HS). I am playing nearly the exact same build but I wanted to help you out with a few things.

  1. Physical shred / penetration is for DOT damage scaling (bleeds). Armor pen / shred scales hit damage.

  2. For Multi, you can pull those 2 points out of Quick Draw and put them in Bodkin Points for the 50% chance to shred armor. Not a big deal but the attack speed from Quick Draw doesn’t help.

  3. If you really want to scale your hit damage, you could remove 1 point from Hang loose in Multi shot and put it in readied arrows. The mana cost pumps up your damage due to Ethereal Arrows in the passive tree plus it is fun when using pierce to regen mana and a double shot of multi procs. Multi feels like it procs more than it should.

  4. putting 5 points in the marksman passive, Mana Warp again increases your mana cost to scale big damage. It gives you 15 more mana back per skill use that hits…

At level 87, I have 191 mana with about 50 coming from the low level blessing. While I can not channel nearly as long as you can, I hit much harder and can refill my entire mana pool in 6-7 punctures (25 mana back per hit). This opens you up to being able to take 1 point in the Marksman passive Barrage of Pain and 5 points in Perfect Aim. You can get a nice 100% crit multi from this as you will be switching to Puncture for a couple hits then back to flurry and the buff last 4 seconds. With high attack speed, this playstyle feels very fluid.

If you decide to go this route, you will rarely take advantage of 7 stacks of adrenaline rush with an 8 second duration) You could go for 5 stacks of adrenaline rush with 6 second cooldown and 38% chance. Then use those points to grab 1 in deep strikes and 3 in the crit base. You will probably hit 100% crit on bosses either way but this will help you crit on rare enemies quicker.

I am pretty sure that each flurry arrow hits harder than an arrow for multi so on higher HP enemies, Flurry will do far more damage than your multi procs.

Other than those things, we are nearly identical. This attacks pretty much as quick but hits much harder and allows you to regen your mana much quicker when you do run dry.

Thanks again and good luck. Us older Bowazons need to stick together :slight_smile:

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I can not specc in double shot without quick draw? Can you?
Edit: Interesting: it is bugged! If you specc from the top to the bottom you can save those 2 points ! THANK YOU @Daarknight

Resistances work against dot and hit damage… so penetration scales both?
Mobs have 0% res afaik so 10% pen is a flat 10% more damage.

The rest i will check later…thx for the input

Efficient draw (you have this) takes you to 2 points in Bodkin Points, takes you to 1 point in hang loose, takes you to 1 point in back to back (you already have this). Little bit of a pain as you will need to respec other points temporarily but a couple rounds of arena will fix this.

I was pretty sure that physical resistance only helps against bleeds. I could be wrong though. Will do some research on that one. That could change a couple things for me.

Thanks again. Very fun stuff.

If you speced in it “via quick draw” first - close the circle “vio Boldkin points/hang loose” you can NOT respecc the 2 points out of quick draw … that was what i tried in the past.

So i made the wrong conclusion that 2 quickdraw is a prereq of double shot!

Thanks again

Edit: will have to look in the whole mana cost thing … we allready have tons of % Inc damage …

You only get 5% ed per mana cost?
Thats nothing we have far above 1.000% ed on multi?
Is that worth 14 points?
Or ist ethernal a multiplier?

And one multi arrow does a lot more damage than a flurry arrow… all you idols and helm/chest affix only push multi…17×25% + 17×24% inc damage best case… flurry gets a lot less inc damage

Saw your edit before you re-edited lol.

Fury costs 28, multi costs 35. I just tested and I can channel for about 8 seconds. Remember though, i get 25 back per hit with Puncture. 7 hits with all that speed, I am full very quick.

If I have a pack and most are dead from multi, i will finish with a couple Punctures to top off. That alone will proc Barrage of pain for 100% additional crit multi for 4 seconds.

I am not sure of the amount of damage being added by making my multi cost so much but I never feel the need to stand still for more than 8 seconds anyway.

I am not specced in Barrage right now but without smoke or shift, my highest crits are 49,000. I can’t be sure but I think my crits were in the low 40’s and no way to really make the point investment in Barrage of pain worth the 6 points when I was playing without the increased mana cost.

You should be shifting all the time for the 50% movement speed which is a very nice damage buff.

On another note, I think the 6% per arrow damage idols are over rated. You can get 10% from one T5 suffix on helm and 15% from the chest. That alone is worth the 4 idols damage on the prefix. You can stack a lot of other stats in those slots and dedicate more of your gear to damage. I am using 2 that have dodge rating on hit (wish they were crit chance) but for the other 8 squares left over, I am getting over 400 health. IMO, those idols should be buffed about 50%.