Multiple Crash when playing multiplayer


Since the last patch teaming with people is really unstable.

I can play 2/3 hours solo in online mode without any problem but as soon as I team with someone, we both encounter many issues mainly:

  • Lost connection error while trying to TP to the other team mate
  • Crash on loading the map after TP’ing to team mate
  • This morning I had 7 crashes in about 45 minutes while playing multiplayer, some of those crash would also crash firefox, probably due to memory leaks

From time to time, I’m having random pc reboot, never happens when I play solo.

To me it seems like things went south after public town were released and even more after runemaster patch.

I’m really enjoying the game so far and hope this issues can be tackled soon. I really really hope it will be solved by the time the 1.0 comes out because the game doesn’t deserve to be released in this state (for the multiplayer part, rest is awesome)

This happens to a friend of mine as well whenever he tries to TP to me.
I did open in game chat to test and have had 2 or 3 other people connect to me without issue.
Which made me think it was something with my friends system.
But he and I have been gaming since 2007 together and have zero problems in every other game we play together so this issue is specific to LE.
Frustrating to say the least.