Multiplayer Beta (Patch 0.9) Launches March 9th, 2023!

Of all of the game developers out there, I take what these guys say at face value. Looking forward to reading those details later this week. Thanks.

Good to see it’s almost here after waiting for a long time.

Thanks for the update.

Big News!
I get one more pleasure in this winter!

Finally, good news!!

I’ve lost count of how many times you have NOT stuck to your road map. You have continually put stuff back again and again. I have given you more than a fair amount of patience and TBH I won’t believe the above date until it happens. Your game is good but it’s not that amazing that you can crap on my support whenever you feel like it and I’ll sit there and take it like a good little puppy. On principle now IF I do reinstall your game, I will not pay a penny in extra content. I’m not rewarding you for failure.


How many hours have you played?

I’m very disappointed for real.I love the game but can’t wait another year or so and im playing it from ALPHA. Just play D4 Open Beta in February.

Not gonna lie, iam very disappointed about this news.
For a very long time there was barerly any new content.

Beside that multiplayer will not be pushed back 1 month but three. I expected a delay but i really start to think this is not a good descision. I would have focused way more on procedural generated area’s for endgame content for more replayabilitty etc instead if i knew multiplayer would take this long.

I used to be on the wagon of its fine guys multiplayer should be in a good state, which it should. However it keeps getting pushed back without any other progression which makes me starting to worry for LE for the first time considering many other ARPGS coming and updates.

Dont get me wrong i still think this game has potential. However i dont have it high on my list anymore of one of the most potential new APRGS. The game is good as it is right now, but it needs more in the endgame systems and interesting things to keep me occupied for 1000’s of hours like i have in many other ARPG’s.
I know some people will not like my post but and thats fine, iam just being honest. I will play the game when march 9th hits. However i think it will take way longer now to get the hype back of people.

Its not like multiplayer will add this holy thing of oke now the game is in a shape to be played for 1000’s of hours. Iam getting the feeling some people think that way after reading many posts. In the end its a fun addition to share with friends which will extend my playtime. However the wall that i used to hit in this game of okay its getting stale now (i posted many other threads about why i think so, so i wont repeat myself here again).

Anyways thanks for the hard work none the less EHG. However i have to say iam really sad about this news.
Will something else be added to the game after waiting for many months with barerly something new? I lost a bit of faith for the first time for LE’s near future. Iam actually sad since i like this game a lot so far (despite my thoughts about it should have more interesting things) :cry:
My only hope is that multiplayer will add something extra content wise. This is not out of hate or salt, just about a passionate gamer who was hoping to enjoy something new again in the world of LE.


very sad news, i dont think that LE has what it takes to combat other arpg’s that are releasing next year, even Undecember is better then LE not gonna lie, you guys had chance and you blew it, you will prob be remembered the same as Wolcen, sadge but true.

I disagree a lot with LE being Wolcen. LE is far more finished content wise and has way more builds items etc.
But i agree that they had a big chance and that they blew it time wise (since other competitors are here and more are coming). I also love Undecember but the only gripe with me with Undecember is the pay to win aspects which destroys a lot of fun for me.

Well only thing that i bought in Undecember is essences tab (20e) so i can feel comfy with the inventory, other then that i dont feel the need to buy anything, 200 hours in, love the bosses love the grind. Maybe i was 2 harsh with comparing with Wolcen but i dont think LE can leave a mark as good ARPG now.


I think PR wise this could be handled way better.
First i thougt a i think it will be delayed but fine. Than december started to getting closer so i thought oh i guess we WILL GET IT :smiley: !
After that they announced that they would be announcing something so i suspected it will be about releasing it in december or delaying it to january because they needed a bit longer.

Now its straight up we will release it at the end of March + no deep dive.
This is the first time iam sad about the communication of EHG.

I was really really suprised about the great bosses in Undecember. I hope many other ARPG’s will take notes of it. I get you being harsh with the comparison of Wolcen, its probably the emotion about no new content dropping, AGAIN. Atleast thats how i feel.

I still think in the long run this game can be good. They just missed a great oppurtunity to toss a lot of players in before a lot of other competitors hit the marked. Beside other games LE just needs something to do again as an Early acces game after such a long time without anything. But hey my 2 cents.

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One complete year to add a multiplayer feature which will please maybe like 20 % of the player base and a partnership with Tencent which was supposed to bring so much more funding to recruit and speed things up despite the risk of image.
I completely get that you would rather wait to release a polished experience but that seems like a really expensive price to pay and a fairly low price / quality ratio, especially considering Diablo 4 will apparently launch around the beginning of April 23.


Been playing this game for almost 3 years. Always supported the game and devs, put many hours into testing and giving feedback. Tried to help out every new player asking questions on the forum/reddit/discord since the community treated me well when i first came in into the game.

But that announcement was absolutely disappointing. We know from all the MP teasers that there will not come any major content besides the possibility to play LE with friends + some QoL features (which for many players is a huge thing, but not for players that enjoy solo content and already put countless hours into it).
For someone like me who is enjoying the SSF aspect of LE very much and the fact that i have to wait even longer to get actual content is such a mood killer.

I’m looking forward for the release and any additional content in the future to continue supporting you guys, but man that waiting time will just simply suck.
Good luck EHG, please bring back the hype and joy you gave me years ago!


Disappointed, but not surprised. Given their track record, I’m willing to bet they will delay it yet again.

This was a big <F*** you> to the single players that dont really care about mp and just wanted new content. I wonder how long ago did they realize they can’t deliver mp this year. Was it before or after the Zizaran stream when the game director said (and I quote): It will for sure, for sure come out this year.
Anyway, in March, when it will supposedly release, they better bring a fine polished MP, because they wont have literally any excuse left.


The TenCent cooperation also means that EHG don’t rely on funds (EA backers) anymore. So the need to hype and push content updates to recruit new players to fund the game isn’t there anymore (or less impactful).

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i mean lets be real if i need to choose between d4 or le that isnt even a choice, doesnt matter if d4 is gonna be disappointment or not but we all know that its gonna have best animations and best feel of fight like every blizzard game, they never fail there, so for LE is left to be filler game between poe and diablo seasons.

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Yes, this is what happens in the real world, #### happens & you need to deal with it. I’m an accountant & I spend most of my time producing the company’s statutory accounts, we were originally intending to have them signed in September but the auditors are being so ####ing slow it’s unreal, so it’s going to be in December (a few days before I leave) when they get signed by the directors. I can either rant & rave at them for not sticking to the agreed deadlines, or I can just get on with my work & do the best I can to keep things moving in a productive manner, then let my manager rip them a new one when she discusses their fees with them. :slight_smile:

Yup, that’s absolutely fair enough. Hopefully it doesn’t get delayed again, but who knows, building software isn’t like building a bridge.

That’s not what’s happening. You are assigning malice/laziness where there is none.

Entirely your prerogative, though you do know that they’re not charging for extra content don’t you. Also, they’ve not failed, they’ve just been delayed. It is disappointing, for them as much as us.

I’m not sure there’s any “good” way to handle a “we’re pushing it back 3 more months”…

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Hello everyone, LE has always done things well and I have said it, but this time in my opinion they have made a mistake with the content times, let me explain: I don’t care that it takes 1 year as it will take to bring the multiplayer… but I do mind spending a year without content, the truth is… and in my opinion it is a very big disappointment. I think they could implement the content and when multiplayer is available, put it on. Even so, LE is a great game and more It will be as they add all the things that they are going to incorporate. Greetings