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Mousecursor keeps moving down in launcher on its own

Yeah so, what’s going on here? Cursor keeps scrolling down in a straight line on its own for no apparent reason in the launcher, can’t press anything inside the launcher window either. Hopefully this is just a case of me being a total dumbass and missing something, any advice would be appreciated!

Tried the 2 different launchers, running as admin or without.

I haven’t seen this before. Are you using mouse & keyboard or a controller?

I apologize for the convenience, but could you see if this support article helps?

Thanks for replying so quickly. I performed a clean reboot, however that didn’t help. Then I realized I had my Razer arcade stick plugged in. Unplugged it and voila, no more weird scrolling issues. Might be good for future reference if you see someone else with this issue.

Thanks for the update! I really appreciate it.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as being resolved. We’ll look into that in the future, but for now the important thing is knowing that you’re doing okay. :+1:

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