Mountain Aerie - Obnoxious Projectile Collision Detection


I can’t find if this has been logged yet, but this has been an issue since 0.9 landed.
Please see the screenshot below of the Mountain Aerie echo zone; not a single thing in this picture can spawn a projectile. The bonfire “collides” with all projectiles spawned within the vicinity (myself included) as if it was a wall, causing them to end prematurely. In this case they don’t even appear to spawn because they end immediately after trying to spawn.

There is no way it is intended that the collision range of the bonfire is supposed to be as obnoxious as this. Look how far I am away, my hammers are vanishing into thin air without seemingly spawning, but if I walk 2 paces away, they spawn again (and then end when they clip into range of the bonfire)

Having the same annoying problem and was going to post my own bug report but I’ll just add the video to yours in case it helps them.

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Is this bug known to EHG? I can’t find where to track if this is a known issue or not?