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More skill points than skill level

I don’t think this is a bug in the sense of it being something wrong with my computer.

I am playing a mage, level 13. my two spec slots are fireball and fire shield. both are level three.
That being said I have 6 points in fireball ( 1 blasting flames, 3 volatile flames, 2 dancing fire) and 5 in fire shield ( 1 lasting defense, 1 circle of flames, 3 inferno ring) .

I have an idea as to how this has happened.

The past few days I have been able to play for short bursts but not long enough to actually clear the zone I have been in ( only been short 5 minute bursts before going offline or afk) and have re run the same zone and side zone several times without actually getting a new check point or continuing any quest line. I retain my items and levels but my assumption is that the skills and specs never fully saved but only partially, keeping the points I specced but not saving the level itself. Maybe I am wrong but it seems odd.

I can provide screen shots if wanted.

Moving to Bug Reports.

No bug suggests that something is wrong with your computer. Technical Support issues might suggest that, but a bug is a case of the game not functioning as intended, If you have more skill specialization points than you should have, that is most definitely a bug.

Could you post your log file?

output_log.txt (4.9 KB)

or did you mean for me to open it and copy-paste the contents?

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