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More information on new crafting screen in 0.8.4?

The preview suggests that we will get to see the range of the forging potential cost of a selected craft. Can we also get to see the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentiles of the distribution of the costs?

I am quite sure a new player would see the cost range and assume that the random cost is uniformly distributed on that range. However it makes more sense to me that forging cost would use a binomial distribution because that allows p to be used as another balancing axis. If I am wrong, then this suggestion would not make sense, otherwise if the distribution of cost is not uniform I think players would appreciate knowing exactly how much risk they are taking with each potential craft.

I also would like to see the ranges of next tier I am going to upgrade. For example, if I upgrade t3 to t4 Health it would be shown how much possible health I would get. That info could be shown at ALT pressing. For example, it is not obvious we will get +2 to skills (from +1) on a chest prefix if we upgrade it from t4 to t5.

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Like this?

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