Monolith search function

This might have been suggested in the past but ive been trying to farm for the vilatria helm in the monolith for 3 days now. When your web is huge and youre rerolling the rewards it gets very annoying slowly going back through looking for set/unique helms i might have missed or got rerolled.

In my opinion i think there should be a much more obnoxious border around better nodes ( exalts , sets , set/uniques ) or even better a search function that will highlight all of those nodes and you can view them very zoomed out and plan your route that way.

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Yeah this suggestions was given countless of times, Mike jsut said this on the dev stream yesterday.

They are not against it, but it will probebly take some time until it’s implemented.

I agree, that the most obvious situations, where this is desperately needed, is after doing a Vessel Of Chaos.

When you are very aware of your echo web, while in the process of uncovering it, it might be not a big deal, but after doing a Vessel Of Chaos on a very established echo web, this can become very annoying searching through literally hundred of nodes.

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