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Monolith scaling is too punishing for some classes


I am currently at level 94 as a Void Knight and I’ve tried at least 3 different builds. In general the class has mobility issues that are not compensated by survivability either.
I’ve unlocked empowered monoliths and currently i`m capped at resistance with all elements, I have 31% armor and 1500 hp.

Yesterday I played literally for like 4 hours to be able to unlock a Echo boss twice. Most of the time I kept losing echo progressions due to one shots. Lightmage’s meteors, Patriarch’s avalanches and other skills with ground markers are just simply too strong.
I understand I have to move and avoid damage, but the class itself doesn’t help, i have to be in close range to do damage (playing a melee build like warpath) and I can’t compensate the damage taken with leech cause you can’t heal from one shots.

Losing 4 echo progressions because you got distracted for one second and couldn’t recover is way too punishing. And im not talking about 30+ scaled echoes, im talking about 10-14 echoes.

Also some tilesets have extremely easy mobs spawned that you just run over them, while others have a bunch of rares and high hp ones on top of each other with one shot mechanics, what makes the game feel like a survival game rather than a ARPG.

I am really enjoying Last Epoch but it feels really frustrating when you take a long time to build echo progression and you lose all of it by one miss step.

1500 hps and 31% armor is extremely low for empowered monolith progression. At a minimum, you should be in the 2000-2400 range and 50-55% armor. In the short term, perhaps reallocate some of your damage nodes to the Forge Guard tier 1 talent that gives 6% physical resistance and armor when hit. It won’t show up immediately on your stat sheet, but it will quickly become a factor in your survivability.

You might also look for items “of the Ox” (% health), of the Giant (+hps/+% health) or of Life (+hps).

For mobility, make sure you are specced into either Lunge with the additional charge (top of the tree) or Smite with the talent that teleports you to your target. I’ve been playing a lot of boardman21’s Void Apocalypse build, though with more of an emphasis on Abyssal Orbs than the DoT effects. You can literally dash past the monsters and let Devouring Orb do 75% of the work for you. It’s a great Void Knight mobility build if you’re struggling with melee (which many people do at higher content since range has an inherent advantage of controlling distance and damage).

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Have a similar issue. My lvl 71 paladin, Boardman21’s shield throw S-tier one, is capped on all resistances, have 60% block chance with 47% effectiveness and 50% armor.

When doing the level 65 echo boss on the round platform throwing void circles I get one-shotted from full health. Twice now, it’s just stupid. Melee have only disadvantages it seems.

My level 60 lightning mage just cruises through the echo 65 content. Haven’t gotten to that boss yet though.

That boss is a very mechanical fight, the big telegraphed hits on the ground are intended to be avoided for the most part.

As my old raid leader said, dead dps do no dps. Respect the mechanics & move out of the way then get back to dpsing the boss.

Good thing you’re playing a ranged build then.

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VK is a very offensive focused mastery with insane offensive capabilities.
Also VK probably has the most HP in the passive tree, which doesn’t make it tanker than the other masteries, but it’s a very good defensive layer.

Also don’t ignore the other 2 mastery trees. Even the first few points into another classes passive tree can give you great benefits.

You literally only told us 3 possible defensive layers. That is not enough to judge if you are capable of doing empowered MoF’s smoothly.
But empowered mof is meant to be very, very challenging.

Also all of the things you called “too powerful” are telegraphed attacks., those are not meant to be tanked.

If you are not tanky enough to keep you alive with leech you need more eHP.

One reason for alot of 1-shots is incoming critical strikes.
You either want 100%critical strike avoidance or 45-50%(T5) less damage taken from critical strikes.

Hello everyne, and thank you for the feedback.

I forgot to mention that I am also capped at 100% crit avoidance.

I don’t know if I was clear enough but my complaint is related to telegraphed skills that come from common mobs such as Lightmages and patriarch’s avalanches. Bosses are fine and I understand that dodging is a thing.

Lunge and smite are good offensive mobility abilities but not defensive. You can’t dash away from aoe skills and volatile reversal pretty much can leave you in a bad place.

I’ve been using rebuke as a damage soaker when things get hard and when there are too many one-shot mobs on the screen.

But yea I still get one shot if the tileset is punishing. I decided to go with less HP and more damage cause HP doesn’t seem to matter since I get one shot anyways. You can even see that Boardman’s VK builds usually have something around 1300-1400 hp.

I feel that VKs are pretty much a glass cannon that you either kill fast or die, and you have to be constantly moving and hope you don’t get too many telegraphed skills on you.

Oh thank you so much for enlightening me on telegraphed hits. Had no idea you had to move out of them. /sarc

If such extremely condescending and snarky commentary is the norm here, I’m out.
With all due respect, people like you turn people off from forum participation, hope you are aware of that.

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I disagree. You can and should be dashing from one monster to another to avoid AOE effects, such as the Lightmages and Patriarchs that are troubling you. If there are no other monsters present in the area, then you have it easy – take one step back or forward and you’re saved. In many cases, those two monsters are casting their dangerous attacks from range, so you can dash to them to avoid the first attack. From there, you know your own positioning, so you know exactly where their AOE will strike. If it’s a matter of reaction time, then that’s a different issue and one tied more closely to your hit points.

You mention boardman having 1300-1400 hps in some of his guides. What might not be clear to you is that boardman specifically maximizes his gear for these videos to show you what’s possible – not necessarily what Joe Main Street can do before farming up all of the best gear he recommends. So, he probably has a very high threshold and percentage of endurance or extremely high life leech in those medium hp builds. In any event, how many hps you need to survive is dependent on many things – defensive layers, skill choices and player reaction time. If you’re still dying, something in that grouping needs improvement. You can decide for yourself what is the best and most efficient way of increasing your survivability.


No he doesn’t, @boardman21 uses very average gear. You can take one his guides & in most cases make it significantly better just by upgrading the crafted gear to t5 affixes with the occasional t6 or t7 if you have any to hand.

Some of his earlier builds he might have min-maxed but all the recent ones are in average gear.

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I’m also playing shield throw paladin but following the build from the LizardIRL video.Jjust unlocked empowered monoliths and died maybe two times during gettting here.
I got 2.4k life, all res capped, 60% block and 40% block eff. Plus 50-70% armor, depending on number of richochets.

For me, this is one of the biggest selling points of LE.

Even “the average mob” impose a danger to the player.
Even normal (white) mobs of certain mob types, do have very lethal abilities.

And even having telegraphed abilities from non-boss type of enemies is really interesting to me.

This is the stand out feature of LE to me: Every single mob matters.

The average TTK is alot higher compared to otehr games.
In higher difficulties you sometines need a few secodns to kill s specific rare mob, that is really interesting for me.

I think you interpret too much into Llama’s comments.
I don’t think it was condescending or snarky.

I can understand that Rahyeh, The Black Sun (the lvl 65 boss) can be very frustrating, it’s one of the hardest, if not the hardest MoF Boss mechanically currently and you can literally fight him as the 2nd boss already.

That boss fight is the Apex of One-Shots. And the reaction time to some of his abilities is very low, compared to similar dangerous abilities from other bosses.

I can assure you Llama is a very helpful and friendly member of the community, don’t get discouraged to use the forum.
The LE forum is a great place and even if there are alot of people disagreeing, usually there is alot of respect involved, be it towards never players, veteran players or even palyers with very strong “unusual” opinions (like me :D)


I’m not sure that’s correct. There was a big to-do about boardman modifying items to speed up the time it took to create a new guide (some call it cheating, but in a single player game I just call it efficient, especially given the purpose of providing guides to others). Maybe he stopped doing that. Regardless, 1300-1400 hps is very low for empowered monoliths.

I am sure it’s correct.

Sorry dude,
I’ve very strong feelings about this and I dont want to see this kind of discussions arise on this forum, whether cheating is ok or not. It is not.

There’s no way of “interpretation”. Manipulating game files is cheating. It’s against the terms of use, although it might be efficient. Everybody cought has to face the consequences that come with this decision.

There will always be a reason for someone to use cheats whether it is a single player game or not.

As content creators people should be aware that they act as idols for others. If they cheat, this will result in other people following the example and cheat, too. What will people do when MP gets implemented and they are used to have cheated gear? Will they still enjoy the game playing legit? Will they stay offline? Or will they try to find new ways to get similar results in MP?

The exact thing that is happening now is the reason that cheating is twisting the perception of people and their guides. You think you cannot follow a guide because you don’t have access to the gear that you think is acquired by cheating, when it might be not.

Others are following a guide trying to get similar gear, not aware that it is near to impossible to get such gear ingame.

What is the truth? Nobody knows.

I saw people taking part in balancing discussions on the discord, that later admitted that they manipulated their gear. What is a balance discussion worth then?


Which is fine & all, but if Arcades is going to tar someone, they should have knowledge of the issue and tar them for what they actually did.

That said, I know the devs don’t like conversation about this topic on the forum so lets stop here.

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If you look at @boardman21’s builds from the last few months/last year, you’ll see that unless it’s a specific build using a specific unique, the crafted gear will be t5s at best. Other than that it’s a mix of t3s & t4s.

You’re right. And now Boardman uses the planner in his videos because his gear was not optimal and he received questions about it. So yes, Boardman now uses non optimised gear, but he tell us how to optimize it.

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And if you’re going to put words in my mouth, put the right ones. I don’t really care what boardman did because I appreciate his guides. There was no tar. I’ll leave it at that.