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Monolith completely dark but I can play?

So I just got to end game and I’ve encountered a weird thing doing echos in the monolith. I can do one just fine, turn it in, but when I go to do a second, the monolith is completely “dark” when I zone in. Like someone just turned out the lights.

I can see my UI, minimap, chat, and can play as normal except I can’t see what i’m doing. I see the name/health plates of monsters when they get close, see damage numbers when I hit them, can pick up loot, use my abilities, etc. I just can’t see a darn thing.

Ultimately I die due to this (admittedly massive) disadvantage, and lose an echo. So essentially I’ll not be able to progress if I can’t figure out how to fix this.

This has happened all three times I’ve restarted the game and done a monolith. First one is always fine, but the second one is “dark”. Has anyone had this happen and/or know the fix to this potentially?

EDIT - forgot to mention that when I die and go back to the End of Time, I can see everything just fine. I also played through the entire story with no issues.