Mono Bug does not allow empowering

Hey guys, my Rogue is experiencing a strange but which does not allow me to access empowering timelines even after completion of all necessary timelines.

Here is the sequence of events that lead to this:

  1. Completed last timeline late last night.
  2. Entered the central area where there usually is a short cut scene and you have to press on the mechanism to activate empowering.
  3. Logged off immediately after cut scene without manually activating device.
  4. Logged back in this morning, no access to an empowered version of monoliths and no option to activate the empowering device.

Here is what I have already tried to fix the issue: Unlocked additional connections between monoliths, completed the last timeline a second time, restarted game, verified files through steam(there was 2 files - 1.3gb that had to be recovered, did not fix the issue), and reinstalled the game completely.

Since unempowered timelines are limited to 50 corruption, this character is effectively dud for high-end game content. Here is some screenshots of monolith timeline web and the area next to empowering device(device is not interactible).

We just confirmed the issue.

Thank you for the report.

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