Modding the game in the future?

i was curious about the possibility of modding the game (specifically character editors, for creating max level characters and experimenting with builds without having to actually level/respec them), and upon reviewing the terms in the license and restrictions section it appears that all such modifications are currently against the rules.

this is fully understandable in the game’s current state. i also wouldn’t expect anyone to want to invest time and resources into developing such tools when the game is still in development and likely to receive major changes on the road to 1.0. especially since there’s no differentiation between “online” and “offline” characters right now, allowing modding would ruin the ladder for those who care about it.

however, i think it would be great if we could have such editors and mod support in the future for offline characters that can’t interact with the online functions. i’m curious where the devs stand on this idea, and i’ll drop it if it’s absolutely out of the question. i have no experiencing in software development so i have no idea if allowing such tools would involve major labor for the dev team.

i can also see an argument against this idea, in that it could negatively impact player retention. if people can experience ultimate omega power builds with no effort, it might discourage them from trying to get there the old fashioned way by playing the game. in my limited time with grim dawn, i’ve seen that it has a massive community built around modding the game and support for full character editing, and it doesn’t seem to have hurt them. then again, they aren’t doing online seasons with leaderboards, so it may be a case of comparing apples to oranges.

on the positive side, having this ability could help players with less time to invest make better choices about what build to pursue. not sure if a build will be worth it and don’t want to spend say 15-20 hours getting it to endgame? just make a fully spec’d version, test it out, and then you know what to shoot for in your limited play time. or just go nuts with your edited character and leave the grind for people who want to compete.

just putting this out here, fully willing to consider other perspectives on the subject. i won’t push for it if the devs are dead-set against it, and i’d encourage others to follow suit.

Sarno had this to say on the subject many months ago, and I imagine it still holds true:

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thanks! i’m not sure if i saw that post and forgot or just missed it during a time when i was less active on the forum. in any case, good to know it’s already something they’re considering. :slight_smile:

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