Minions are bad

i feel that minions could get a loving hand for dps .

when using passive dps nodes on your mastery i dont feel alot of dps changes.

the dps on you minions are really bad at low lvl vs bosses even with minion dps stats on your gear. some thing is not right in this game when it comes to minion.

thats my experince

Do you resummon your minions every time you use a new passive/skill point while leveling up?

Even assuming your resummoning to apply the buffs.

Minions generally are fairly lackluster early on. There is a stat, I forget the name of it, but basically after 35 iirc, each level you get gives your minions more damage, and less damage taken modifiers. So minions do actually scale shockingly well with your own player level not just their own stats and skills.

I find that in the campaign minions do work but they are not the strongest of leveling builds and stuff like skeletons can feel frustrating because at that point in your character progression they die alot, do little damage, and you just dont have the resource tools to generate the mana to sustain your annoying skeletons who die to a sneeze.

But I think its mostly okay, I think minions are actually fairly well balanced. Even the really meta strong minions dont really strike me as broken. They all come with trade offs that make the player have to work for their power.

Minions are a slow burn type of build that builds in power as you level, so dont worry if you stick with it, eventually your minions will be more then strong enough to do the content you need to do.

I don’t agree with you.

I think, minions have a petty good solid state. BUT, should be more malleability in some ways.

Some minions you’re obligated to choose some other skills for synergy. I confess, don’t like too much of this.

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I don’t get this… outside of having to recast skeletons (they seem far more fragile than wolves), minions do just fine, and leave you with a pretty low-risk playstyle due to not having to stand still to spam dmg skills.

The most annoying thing, for me, is their short attention span, and having to spam the move-command to get them out of dmg, or focus on targets – they like to hurry back to whatever they were doing, the moment they reach the spot you told them to run to… :\

To be fair, that’s the intended thematic difference between Necro minions (disposable) and Primalist minions (best doggos).

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chances are high that you built your minions wrong. Same as I did back a few years ago when I started Necromancer. For example i thought %cold penetration on my ammy works for Skeletal Mages . I didn’t pick correct ‘%minion spell dmg’ because I used ’ minion melee dmg’ which my Skeletal Mages didn’t use at all etc. I find minions in LE to be pretty strong especially as you level up and your minions start to gain %dmg from each level you have. The main plus side is that you can safely kite dangerous attacks while your summons still do damage


Yeah, I wasn’t complaining about it, but it’s an inconvenience… nothing more. That, and for some reason it pains me when minions die, even skeletons – I just feel like I let them down or something :wink:

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Completely agree. If anything Minion builds in this game are OP.

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I’m not sure I’d say OP, outside of Flame Wraith Necro. Minion builds can be powerful, but there’s drawback, and that mainly comes in the form of having to deal with the (still imperfect, but improved) minion-AI, and their survivability against more powerful mob abilities. But yeah, I wouldn’t call minions bad, or anywhere close to it. It’s just a playstyle some don’t like, much like multiple shapeshifting builds.

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Well I never use melee Minions (that aren’t squirrel-shaped). That is just asking for trouble.

I wish skeletons had the squirrel sound effects.

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Skeleton squirrel ninja build should exist.

I’ve tried skeleton ninja.
Nothing awesome, but it’s good. I think should be more love for the devs.

Needs more bees.

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Last time I forced myself to play a pet build my Golem destroyed everything and i was bored af.

That’s kinda the point of pet builds.


I believe Flame Wraiths, Squirrels, Manifest Armor and Abomination are all sub 10 second Tier 4 Julra killers.


Feelz bad, man. Like I see my cats in them every time a minion dies. Side note, I’m the kind of player than even doing it for the 1000bazillioneth time, when I get into one of the mono request that means saving people, I feel compelled to try to go as fast and hard as I can to not let anyone die. :crazy_face:

On topic, I think minions are in a pretty darn good place. I do still think the AI needs some work and I think as that gets better, minions will ‘feel’ better. I have to resist the urge to TV YEll at the screen when one of my Golems stands around picking his nose while skellie boys are doing all the heavy lifting.

Yeah but the point is Minions aren’t that bad. Even when I hate the lil buggers.

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