MG Faction - Item Duping - RMT - Gold Sellers

I wonder if they’re able to flag accounts that ‘connect with x amount of random players within x hours’ as a way of flagging the patterns of behaviour gold and item sellers follow from account purchase onwards.
With this game having a $30 entry fee, hopefully the friction that could be introduced if they improve ban effectiveness will kill off goldsellers’ profitability sufficiently they’d focus on higher margins in other titles?

Why would you say that? According to the post they made just yesterday, they’re banning both the sellers and buyers. And I would imagine the advertisers as well.

until we see numbers and breakdowns its all just words. Or at the very least some fix for mg

I highly doubt you’ll get numbers and breakdowns. For the single reason that no game ever did that.

pubg realeases them weekly with a complete breakdown, blizzard releases theres quarterly

Blizz sometimes reports bans when they make some huge crackdown. It’s certainly not quarterly and there’s usually news about it when they do.
PUBG is an exception, not a rule.

Companies usually don’t release ban numbers because they serve no purpose. If EHG released that they banned 500 sellers and 200 buyers, would that be a good number? Too low? Too high? Do you even have a way to evaluate that?
What if they had banned 20k accounts? Or 200k?

The fact that they’re useless can easily be seen by the fact that PUBG numbers don’t change much. Except in recent weeks where the numbers increased. And the fact that neither of those situations really says anything about the state of the game.

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I find it funny how smart ass people claimed the item duping is purely Arbor and we don’t know of game mechanics, when DEVS in official statement acknowledged the duping issue, and said they will mark mirrored items from arbor, so that we would spot hack duped items and be able to report them quickly.

Occam’s Razor. If there’s an in-game way to legitimately duplicate items it’s not exactly unreasonable for their first assumption to be that as the source of duplicates.